I have studied Estonian philology, assyriology and philosophy. I've been a journalist, translator (English/Russian into Estonian, mostly), copy editor, book editor, and press officer. Mostly, I have worked on Estonian Wikipedia. I was a member of the board of the Estonian Wikimedia chapter, Wikimedia Eesti, 2011-14.

To a MouseEdit

Dear Someone who has been trying to hack my account more or less regularly for quite some time now! I doubt you ever get here but just for the occasion you do: have you ever heard about multi-factor authentication? I don't care if you spend your time on it as every time I get a notification about it, I have a healthy chuckle. In fact, I could write my password right here and it still wouldn't help you (but I can't, as it's obscene, although in a dead language). So, please enjoy these feeble attempts as long as you like.

For everyone else: I know multi-factor login is annoying, but it is much more annoying for folks like the one mentioned above, so I can still recommend it heartily. --Oop (talk) 22:09, 8 April 2018 (UTC)