Oblivious, sometimes written as oblivious, was a human belonging to the species Homo sapien until he became a wikipedian on March 19, 2005. It is not known why and how he became a wikipedian. However its a known fact that he is currenltly addicted to the "way of life, of wikipedians" to fatally venomous level. Many believe that his condition would deteriorate if not treated properly before its too late.

Oblivious is currently living in a tropical country, somewhere in the indian ocean.

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For your extensive work in articles pertaining to The Maldives, I hereby award you The Barnstar of National Merit! Grutness 10:28, 27 August 2005 (UTC)
Here is a Working Man's Barnstar for doing such tedious jobs on Wikipedia. V. Molotov   23:41, 31 August 2005 (UTC)

The best response to my self-image thus farEdit

On March 8, 2006, I, user:Oblivious, uploaded a self-image of myself editing wikipedia while wearing a wikipedia tshirt. Five days later, on a fine Monday morning, User:Fizan got bored and decided to send me an email about the "self promotion". I, the user of this page, believe the response to be the best so far and therefore decided to post it here.

Dear dude,

RE: reasons strongly opposing and condemning use of blatant captions for self images on Wikipedia

Part I Grammatical rationale
the image is labelled 'Oblivious himself, editing Wikipedia'. generally insertion of reflexive third-person pronouns (such as himself) demand attention or highlights individual reference where it occurs at numerous frequencies, however since the word 'Oblivious' is only used to refer to the person named such in this particular context, we feel it is wholly unnecessary for inclusion.

Part II Social rationale
the other use of the pronoun is to intensify the associated person or thing (noun), hence the user ends up unintentionally making himself seem pretentious; the word makes him sound larger than life and too good to be real for viewing and/or deemable existence. however we feel this is not the case, unless the user can surprise us all by claiming to be the heir apparent to the throne of Zimbabwe.

Part III Recommendations
we have attached a suggested replacement caption for the disputed image. if the user denounces involving in any activity mentioned, please report it to the war crime tribunal at the Hague, where the user will most likely croak waiting for his verdict. alternatively, we recommend the user to just omit the offending pronoun.

Thank you,
the undersigned.

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