About me
Information technology practitioner and computer scientist for 40+ years
Prior positions are Security & Compliance Technical Analyst, Health Information Exchange (HIE) which interfaces medical records systems, building websites using SharePoint for Fortune 500 companies, and a SCADA and information technology support engineer for power generation

Hobbies and interests
Dual-sport motorcycles and motocross
Space exploration and Astronomy
Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS)
Generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity
Science and technology (generalist)
Biblical studies
Ontology (information science), upper ontology, and planning/scheduling
EVE Online (in-game names Pommonde, Ygenesis, Asporus, and Effinite)

Biggest personal triumphs
In a self-employed capacity, I developed process control algorithms for a wastewater treatment plant that helped rescue the plant from being environmentally the worst in the region to not one violation for a period of years. I did this in 1990 using a vintage 1972 computer system.
My older son has an IQ of 155 and does classified computer science research for a prestigious government research laboratory. The company does have giant underground laboratories like you see in the movies, and he has visited them, but he normally works in a nondescript office.
Biggest personal tragedies
I have an in-law that is a call girl.
My elderly mother is one of those that perished November 8, 2018 in the Camp Fire (2018) that mostly destroyed the city of Paradise in Northern California.
My daughter passed away three years after graduating from college cum laude. My younger son passed away seven years after successfully becoming a Black Hawk military helicopter pilot. They were boy-and-girl fraternal twins, chimeras by placental anastomosis.
Biggest personal relationship
My wife of 39 years is a second cousin of Elvis Presley, and has received invitations to the same family reunions that Lisa Marie Presley has received invitations to, but has never attended those family reunions, and has never met any of the famous people. Regarding the Elvis Presley phenomenon, she disagrees with worshiping Elvis, and says that Elvis himself would not agree with it, either. Regarding whether Elvis actually died in 1977 or not, the third-hand information she received through her family was that Elvis did fake his death in 1977 and "disappeared", and she speculates that he went under a witness protection program or became a police undercover agent. She has heard that "disappearing" was a family discussion subject in the extended family of Elvis, and this could have influenced Elvis.

Lofty Life Goals

Goals for Wikipedia

  • I like to fix spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting issues (as in Wikipedia:WikiGnome).
  • I like to contribute regarding current events, especially if the event involves both technical (e.g., science, technology, law) and controversial issues.
  • I like to improve cross referencing by adding wikilinks, by resolving red links, by adding entries to See Also, by hatting (e.g., not to be confused with WWWW) (e.g., YYYY redirects here; for other uses see ZZZZ), and by creating lists or outlines of Wikipedia articles.
  • I like to resolve {{Citation needed}} tags and fix errors in citations.
  • I like to reorganize subject headings in disambiguation pages, because I like to organize, title, and summarize information (an aspect of ontologies).
  • I like to resolve the templates Insufficient Context {{context}}, Lead Too Short {{tooshort}}, and Too Technical {{technical}} and {{complex}} by writing introductions or sections that describe things in commonly-understood terms, simplify technical content, and summarize the article.
  • I like big-picture grand abstract organizing, classification, and procedural/planning/goal-based principles, like User:The Tetrast and User:The Tetrast/2.
  • I don't like trampling on the work of others, but I remove vandalism, disruptive edits, and inappropriate/non-notable material on my watch list. I tend to be harsher on faceless IP contributors than on users with a user page that I can talk to.
  • I don't like trampling on the work of others, but I may support, let stand, or even make a technical repair to changes (individual or en masse) by others that I wouldn't do myself.

Significant work on Wikipedia

Reorganized subject headings:

Added new articles for computer science and ontology:

Added new articles for astronomy:

Added new articles for other subjects:

Added new articles for lists of articles, outlines, or navigation purposes:

Added significant new material or significant reorganization:

Copyedit and new material for the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accidents:

Added to lead or introduction, or resolved Too Technical, Intro-rewrite, Context, or Confusing tags:

Copyedit articles:

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