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So frequently over the long length of my account running I have said that Wikipedia is not where I belong - "I have come merely to add and correct a few article close to my heart" such as MUN and H²G², in the case of h2g2 I was sent, in order to ensure the correctness of a small part. h2g2 seemed so much more spiritually in tune - a good social aspect, a weird and wonderful, but high quality set of articles, it was an excellent place.

But each time I wander back from my wikibreaks I find myself staying longer, and making more edits. My most recent trip has already more than doubled, quadripled, octupled, sexdecupled, Duotrigintupled, Quattorsexagintupled my edits, seen me pick up AfD, AfC (Interesting AfC Graph, Twinkle, vandal patrolling and, of course, perhaps a soupcon of conventional editing.

The wikipedias serious.jpg

It's even had me get to my first wikimeet (on my third try, with an entertaining set of reasons seemingly desperate to keep me from seeing you all).

MAJOR QUESTIONS OF LIFE (please answer on talk page!)

  1. How do I edit Wikipedia articles while using both arms to conduct Einaudi's "Divenire"?
  2. Who will be the lucky unfortunate editor to restart the Stocks?
  3. How to get to the 'Crats to adopt "Fiat Consensus Ruat Caelum" as their motto?
  4. Has it not occurred to anyone that OVERSIGHT have the creepiest, censorship-esk, logo?

I have a few current focuses:

  1. One "genre by artist" list at a time, fix every discography article to either source sufficiently or redirect.
  2. Wait patiently and check in on the Fairness Project on the Good Articles Nominations queue (5 8 months in - it's progressed from 23 to 12 10). Reviewers will receive their preference of generous sarcasm or obsequiousness.
  3. Create another B-class article
  4. Finish off the rugby players who warrant articles

Deep link needed's transclusion count

Association of Inclusionist Wikipedians (2016)

As of about September 2018 (and still as of July!) my computer has become a right hissy monster - as such, if you see me making strangely frequent save rates it means it's not been playing ball!

This user is a member of the Association of Inclusionist Wikipedians.

The motto of the AIW is conservata veritate, which translates to "with the preserved truth".
This motto reflects the inclusionist desire to change Wikipedia only when no knowledge would be lost as a result.


My early days had me as the staunchest of inclusionists, but I have softened over time to find my general role as a centre-inclusionist. Please feel free to natter on the subject to me whether you be inclusionist, deletionist, mergist or a radical transwikist! It's only by the discussion that you actually get the best answers :)