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Academic degreesEdit

I'm a college graduate and a certified teacher with degrees in Primary Education and Music education, and a Postgraduate Universitary Expert on Asturian Philology (University of Uviéu).

I've also college education in Psychology and Pedagogy.

Main interests that are relevant to WikipediaEdit

My mottoEdit

I am not led: I lead

1 - I believe in autonomous thinking.
2 - I believe in critical thinking.
3 - I believe in personal freethinking action as opposed to submissive non-critical consumption.
4 - Homo sapiens is a social animal.
5 - Truth, rigor, knowledge and culture are social constructions, thus subjective and ever-changing.
6 - Collaboration is the human way to build knowledge and culture.
7 - I believe in free encyclopedism as a fine example of collaborative work towards knowledge, truth and rigor.