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November 2020

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My Major InterestsEdit

Get in contact if you need help/contributors on any of the following topics...

  • Latin poetry
  • Oscar Wilde (his life and literature - amateur expert)
  • Victorian Decadent Literature
  • LGBT Victorians & Victorian novels
  • 1970s British television
  • Origami history and culture

My EditsEdit

This is my personal record of edits done & pages I want to remember to keep an eye on:

Pages I created

Pages I've been working on in a big way

Pages I've been tweaking at

Pages in progress

  • James Kirby

Pages to do

  • Mordant Music; Ghost Box, Clay pipe, etc, using hauntology resources
  • Obsessive care and attention to the other Oscar Wilde plays (right now, the article on fragmentary La Sainte Courtisane is obsessively more detailed than any of the actual finished plays save Earnest...)


Because my involvement is sporadic, I'm very conscious of not meeting Wikipedia's standards, but please come and correct me on my talk page first so I can learn from me mistakes.

My editing philosophy is very much adopting one page or topic at a time on something I'm into, and trying to make it a better article than it was, mostly with text, fact-checking or referencing. Watch out stubs.

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