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Hello! I'm Nino Marakot. Your'e probably questioning something that why i choose this name? Well, here is the answer. My true name is Nino, and i suppose to a the typhoon i choose but you guys know it, it's from destructive 2009. Typhoon Morakot. Otherwise, I have lot of uploads i contributed to tropical cyclones. That's it, thank you for coming to my user info! - Kin Nino Largadas

Note: These articles are not fake.

Pacific Typhoon Seasons (2013-17: images used are JTWC estimates; 18-current, F13 estimates are used to differ the true reports)

User:Nino Marakot/2017 Pacific typhoon season

User:Nino Marakot/2016 Pacific typhoon season

User:Nino Marakot/2015 Pacific typhoon season

User:Nino Marakot/2014 Pacific typhoon season

User:Nino Marakot/2013 Pacific typhoon season

Southern Hemisphere (pls delete them, useless lol)

User:Nino Marakot/2015-16 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season

User:Nino Marakot/2014-15 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season

User:Nino Marakot/2013-14 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season

User:Nino Marakot/2014-15 Australian region cyclone season

User:Nino Marakot/2015-16 Australian region cyclone season

User:Nino Marakot/2013-14 Australian region cyclone season

Authors the following:

2013 Marilao local elections

2016 Marilao local elections

Arangkada San Joseño

2019 San Jose del Monte local elections

Co-authors the following:

2019 Bulacan local elections

2019 Marilao local elections

2019 San Miguel, Bulacan local elections

2019 Santa Maria, Bulacan local elections

2019 Meycauayan local elections

Typhoon Lekima (2019)


Let me tell you about my info:

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