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I'm Nickispeaki from Chernihiv-Kyiv, Ukraine. Now I'm in Chernihiv again after Wroclaw and Debrecen, Hungary.

Main page is Ukrainian version.

Welcome, all good people! ;-)

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WikiStudia in ChernihivEdit

We are started on 4th of March 2015.

About 30 student of Chernihiv University are joined to an educational project WikiStudia.

Wikiexpeditions in Chernihiv raionEdit

Wikiexpedition (Вікіекспедиція) (in Ukrainian)

13th of February of 2013 wiki-lection was in ChernigovEdit

13th of February the wiki-lection was in Chernigov, school #12. I told about Wikipedia and the possibility of its editing. There is a brief report and dozen pics. :-)

For a connection whith me just call +38 093 1156295 (Lifecell, Ukrainian cell provider)

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Training for Students complete!