Hello, I am Netha Hussain (Q66580063, if you are a machine). I have been a volunteer at the Wikimedia movement since 2010. Nowadays, I mostly edit English Wikipedia and Wikidata, but I am also active in Commons, Metawiki and Malayalam Wikipedia. I usually write articles related to healthcare, women's biographies and current affairs, but I also write content outside these domains. I have donned multiple hats in the Wikiverse : I have worked in content creation, community building, outreach, partnerships, strategy, fundraising and communication, to name a few. When I am bored, I turn to my wishlist for ideas. Outside of Wikimedia, I am a physician (radiology) and researcher (neuroscience). My PhD dissertation is surrounding the use of virtual reality in assessment of post-stroke impairment, and my post doctoral work is around recovery after COVID-19.

Netha Hussain (GU) is my alternate account affiliated with Gothenburg University where I was employed from 2016 to 2020 as a PhD scholar. User: Netha Hussain (WikiCred) is my alternate account affiliated with WikiCred.

My work edit

I have never been employed by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) or any of the movement affiliates. I have received travel grants or scholarships from the WMF or affiliates for participating in Wikimedia and allied conferences, but I have not been a recipient of any other Wikimedia grant. I was a member of Wikimedia India from 2012 until it was closed down in 2019. I am a member of Wikimedia Sverige since 2017. I have not held any official positions in these two organizations. I have volunteered in advisory capacity to the affiliates of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Projects edit

I have collaborated in, or have led several volunteer projects. A list of those projects can be found here. I sometimes undertake personal projects for addressing knowledge gap on Wikimedia. The list of my personal projects can be found here. The list of articles created by me on English Wikipedia can be found here.

Roles edit

I served as a member of the Individual Engagement Grants Committee (2013-14) and Inspire Grants Committee (2015) of the Wikimedia Foundation. I am a member of Projects Grants Committee since 2016. I was a member of the drafting committee of the Movement Strategy project of the Wikimedia Foundation. Since 2017, I am a member of the Editorial Board of WikiJournal of Medicine. In 2018, I served in the steering committee of Phase II of the Movement strategy process. In 2020, I participated as an expert in the Design group of the Movement strategy implementation.

Outreach edit

Links to the pages of various Wikimedia conferences and Wikipedia outreach programs which I have organized or participated in the planning process can be seen here. I have spoken at a UN Human Rights webinar on COVID-19 and human rights. The list of my Wikimedia-related sessions at various conferences and webinars can be seen here. Since 2015, I was a member of the Wikipedia Education Collaborative, which later became the Wikipedia and Education User Group. I am also a member of Wikiproject Med Foundation.

Fundraising edit

I was featured in the 2012 Thank You banners. (Report)

Blogging edit

Links to my articles about Wikimedia movement on various blogs can be seen here. I was a blogger at Huffington Post U.K, where I mostly wrote Wikimedia related stuff until they closed down the blogging service in 2018. I also maintain personal blogs, Blossoming Soul in English and ശ്വേതാംബരി in Malayalam.

Learning and Research edit

My contributions to Research, IdeaLab and Learning Patterns can be found here. My research is surrounding the diversity of participation and content on Wikimedia projects, particularly of the gender gap.

Press edit

Links to articles about me on various newspapers and websites can be viewed here. I have written for Forbes about Wikipedia's gender gap. I was featured by the United Nations in their campaign against COVID-19 misinformation.

Awards edit

I was awarded the Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Award for the year 2020. In 2021, I was named as the Wikimedian of the Year in the Honorable Mention category.

Grants edit

Other Open Knowledge and Open GLAM work edit

In 2018-19, I helped create the website Infoclinic, that shares reliable health-related information in Malayalam language. I have translated and done outreach for Mozilla from 2012-15. In 2020-21, I helped create Snakepedia, a mobile app with information related to snakes and snakebite care. In 2022, I brought the Library of Science Medical Images collection containing 2000+ images to NC Commons. I am the language manager for TED Translators in Malayalam language since 2013. I maintain a list of open access media/data repositories related to medicine here. Between 2019-23, I helped the Content Partnership Hub to bring 3000+ graphical images related to healthcare from the SMART Servier Collection to Wikimedia Commons. I have authored scholarly publications related to neurology, COVID-19 and Wikimedia, which can be found on my Google Scholar profile here. All my publications to date, including research articles, white papers, essays, media, code, maps, blog posts, paintings and other artwork to date are openly accessible and a large majority of them are in the public domain.

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