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This Epic Barnstar has been awarded to Nanahuatzin in recognition of his yeoman contributions to the Aztec article and other Aztec-related articles.

Courtesy of theEsperanza Barnstar Brigade. Richard 07:24, 19 April 2006 (UTC)


Thanks for dropping in my page.

I am a Mexican nerd, I am metallurgical chemical engineer, but I am dedicated to computer programming, multimedia, video editing, web site design, kiosk design and stereoscopy and everything else that looks fun (

My home page is )

My interest areas are Mesoamerican archeology, ancient history, classical music, and Mexican comics (

Currently i am dedicated to a few articles mainly about Aztec and Mesoamerica. And recently i am starting on the articles about pyramids.

My nickname is from one the the Aztec gods. He is the humblest god, but eventually he became the sun.

I am working in the Nahuatl and Aztec topics, and am trying to write, even when English is not my native language, but everybody is helping me to translate to English... my English :)

My interest in the Wikipedia started as i found how popular it was and how the information is mirror in a lot of places. So i found the effort spend here, is very rewarding.

I can be reached at my forum , you can leave me a personal note there under "El cafecito" :)

My real world name is Javier Delgado Rosas.

esEste usuario tiene el español como lengua materna.