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Giving in to proselytizing for ones own self-importance is a motivation against the very idiosyncratic basis of self-importance.
Alexandria Library Inscription.jpg This user believes user infoboxes can lead to ad hominem targeting for suspicions of non-NPOV edits.
Wikipedia-logo-inverse.jpg This user perceives the wikipedia project as a kind of natural self-fulfilling Akashic records.
G.W.F. Hegel (by Sichling, after Sebbers).jpg This user is a type of Dialectical monist.
Young frege.jpg This user is an adherent of both modern Logicism & Fictionalism within the scheme of philosophical mathematics.
Robin G. Collingwood.jpg This user often considers things from the perspective of Process philosophy.
Max Weber 1894.jpg This user favors unconventional political theories and would currently self-identify as a Corporative Federalist.
Wag gottfried wilhelm leibnitz.jpg This user believes diverse prerogatives should be accounted for every individual, rather than co-habiting umbrella rights with others.
Igor Stravinsky LOC 32392u.jpg This user favors music without time signatures and believes rhythmic music appeals to reptilian brain instincts, not the conscious associations.
KlimaLadislav.jpg This user has a view of morality governed by Existentialism & Meta-ethics.
FWNietzscheSiebe.jpg This user is interested in Heuristics & Pedagogy.

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The motto of the AIW is Conservata veritate, which translates to, "With the preserved truth" This motto reflects the inclusionist desire to change Wikipedia only when no knowledge would be lost as a result.

Association of Inclusionist Wikipedians
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Questioning the reason for a communication without a reason in the logic presented within that very communication is the same as questioning the necessity of having any communication at all, which so in questioning the need to communicate anything would be a postulate refuting your own presentation of a refutation and is therefore meaningless.
There is nothing intrinsically particular to humanity in common sense, by that there is nothing about it which places man outside the qualities of other life with it, and therefore nothing in effect necessarily human about common sense.
That lack of presupposition is a virtue in itself is a presupposition. It is that being void of presupposition has no utility, that it is denied for coercion to a prestage to some utility by presupposition.
Something can only be said to be progressive when it can laicize all existing professionals, and not before then. Not that progression is at all times forward, but that when it occurs to whom it is considered all convention becomes decidedly useless.
Everyone agrees the world known to them is the only one they possibly know 'as a static concept' but continue to regard something real about the concept having nothing to do with their thinking. Even fewer disregard that concept as totally false in regard to the world for them where the only real is in 'the act of thinking' within being.
When two things are equal, it is obvious one of them is unnecessary. When a whole people is equal, only a single example among them (one alone of their representative quality's own nature) has any value or right to be.
The drive of all thorough inertia comes from externally recognized lack of equality and the advancement in all fields comes from an internally existent lack of equality. Limitation, understood as the series of permutations that give rise to it, is infact an act of creative expansion. Denying retention affirms velleity.
Tact is the only salvageable purpose to sentiment bereft of content.