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‘‘a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds’’ —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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My name is Michael Z. Wikipedia member since June, 2004, administrator since July, 2005.

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The following are English words—they need not be italicized, and they are not spelled with any “non-English letters”:

  • Loan words from Latin: ad hoc, a priori, bona fide, de facto, et cetera, habeas corpus, in camera, in situ, post mortem, status quo, vice versa.
  • From French: avant-garde, bourgeois, café, communiqué, coup d'état, debacle, de rigueur, elite, émigré, en masse, en route, esprit de corps, façade, fête, fiancée, mêlée, née, nouveau riche, parvenu, pâté, protégé, raison d'être, vis-à-vis.
  • From other languages: apartheid, háček, machismo, pogrom, putsch, realpolitik.

Wikipedia contributionEdit

Tireless Contributor Barnstar, conferred by Sniperz11

Some of my contributions, in collaboration with many others. * New articles featured on Wikipedia's Did you know?. Featured articles.

acrophony · Cyrillic alphabet · Ukrainian alphabet · Ukrainian Latin alphabet · Drahomanivka · scientific transliteration* · romanization of Ukrainian · romanization of Belarusian* · ISO 9 · faux Cyrillic · "International Phonetic Alphabet" in Pronunciation respelling for English · apostrophe (mark)

name of Ukraine · Kiev: "Kiev or Kyiv?" · kobzar · duma (epic) · Ems Ukaz* · Ukraine after the Russian Revolution* · Hryhoriy Hrynko · Ukrainian Communist Party · raion · closed city* · Filip Konowal · Savella Stechishin · Mykola Skrypnyk* · Oleksander Koshetz · National Space Agency of Ukraine · HUR · SZR · kovbasa

Ukrainian Canadian internment* · Katherine Barber · Joe Bloggins · Worthington Trophy · Fort Garry Brewing Company · Agassiz Brewing · Two Rivers Brewing Company · Northern Region, Manitoba · goldeye

Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the State, conferred by Irpen

armoured · mechanized force · tank · tank classification · list of Soviet tank factories · Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau · Malyshev Factory · OKMO · missile tank · aerosan* · T-18 tank* · T-24 · BT tank · T-34 · T-34 variants · F-34 tank gun* · Kliment Voroshilov tank · Katyusha · Antonov A-40 · T-70 · T-43 tank* · BA-64 · Iosif Stalin tank · D-10 tank gun* · T-44* · T-10* · T-55 · M114 · T-80 · Lynx reconnaissance vehicle* · T-84 · mine roller · hull-down* · overwatch · tank desant · trooper (rank) · F.F. Worthington*

image:Winnipeg snowstorm aftermath.jpg · image:clamato can.jpg · image:Manitoba flag.png · early Cyrillic letter images · Slavic Cyrillic letter images

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Order of Victory, conferred by Abakharev

Lust for Life (album) · Soldier (album) · Party (album) · shaken, not stirred · raking fire · crossing the T · merguez · poncelet

To doEdit

Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar, conferred by Mariah-Yulia
  • Write the second half of Ukrainian National Republic.
  • Check if the licence for [1] allows copying of images to WP. They have some great engravings of French WWI tanks.
  • Keep working on Filip Konowal: biography, regimental lineage.
  • Some additions to Cyrillic alphabet and the respective letters' pages—development at User:Mzajac/cyrillic
    • Many additional alphabet tables.
  • Books at Dafoe 2nd floor:
    • Rudnyc'kyj, Jaroslav B., Chuzhomovni transliteratsiï ukraïns'kykh nazv: internatsional'na, anhliis'ka, frantsuz'ka, nimets'ka, espans'ka i portuhal's'ka
    • Transliteration of Slavonic: report of the committee appointed to draw up a practical scheme for the transliteration into English of words and names belonging to Russian and other Slavonic languages.
    • Mirchuk, I. (Ivan), 1891-1961. Ukraine and its people; a handbook with Maps, Statistical Tables and Diagrams. Munich: Ukrainian Free University Press, 1949. Elizabeth Dafoe Library 2nd, DK 508 M52.
    • Wellisch, Hans H., The conversion of scripts, its nature, history, and utilization


There should be no links pointing to the misspellings Ukranian, Ukranians, or Ukranian language. Also watch out for the solecism "the Ukraine" and links to "the Ukraine".


My sandbox. Morozov tanks. Cyrillic alphabets. Translating Military of Ukraine. Manitoban Wikipedians


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