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Random picture of the day (13 July 2013)
Rokeby Venus
The Rokeby Venus is a painting by Diego Velázquez which was completed between 1647 and 1651. It depicts the Roman goddess Venus in a sensual pose, lying on a bed and looking into a mirror held by her son Cupid. The painting is the only surviving female nude by Velázquez. Since 1906 it has been in the National Gallery in London.Painting: Diego Velázquez

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Display a randomly selected picture of the day on your userpage by placing {{User:My Chemistry romantic/Templates/Random POTD}} on it.

The template accepts the following parameters, all of which are optional:

|width= Adjust the width of the template. Defaults to 90%.
|bgcolour= Change the background colour of the template. Defaults to transparent.
|borderwidth Adjust the width of the border surrounding the template. Defaults to medium. If you do not want a border, set the value of this parameter to 0px.
|bordercolour= Adjust the border colour. Defaults to #ADD8E6, but can be any web colour.
|roundcorners= Set this parameter's value to true to enable it to display round corners or false to disable this functionality.
|border-radius= Determines the radius of the curve of the round corners. Defaults to 15px. This parameter will work only if round corners is enabled.