Relays all edit filter hits to IRC channels and allows you to subscribe to notifications when specific filters are tripped. See #wikipedia-en-abuse-log-all connect for the English Wikipedia feed.

Errors are logged at /Error log

Supported wikis

  • connect
  • connect
  • (includes global filters) — #wikimedia-meta-abuse-log connect


You can execute these commands by direct messaging MusikBot directly or in the #wikipedia-en-abuse-log-all connect channel. Your IRC handle must be identified (logged in) to (un)subscribe to filters. Your subscriptions are not publicly viewable. Except for the ping command, MusikBot will only reply by messaging you directly.

  • !subscribe [filter id] — Get direct private messages of hits to the given filter.
  • !unsubscribe [filter id] — Unsubscribe to the given filter.
  • !unsubscribe all — Unsubscribe to all filters.
  • !subscriptions — List all of your subscriptions.
  • !subscriptions — List all of your subscriptions, across all wikis.
  • !ping — If the bot is running properly it should reply with "Pong.".

Replace with the desired wiki.

You can also get notifications by adding "highlight words" to your IRC client, such as *filter-123* (or *filter-global-123*). The asterisks are necessary to avoid conflicts (e.g. getting notified for filter 123 when you subscribed to 12). The dash is present because some IRC clients use spaces to separate highlight words.

Subscribing a channel to filter hits

You can subscribe a channel to filter hits using the same commands above, but appending the channel name. For example, to subscribe #example to filter 123 on Commons, use:

!subscribe 123 #example

This functionality requires that you be ops in the given channel.