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I first started modifying pages related to music because I was spending a lot of time sorting and cataloging my own music using Wikipedia as my source.

I initially focused on adding cross links on music pages to other music pages where they were missing and appropriate. I have since started looking at other pages in which I have an interest and thought my background and expertise would be helpful to others.


This user has created 9 of Wikipedia's 6,001,829 articles.
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I have created the following articles (not including DAB or Redirects):

  1. Square One Publishers - Page History
  2. List of flash memory controller manufacturers - Page History
  3. Take me to your leader (phrase) - Page History
  4. Neaera (Greek mythology) - Page History
  5. Violin Memory - Page History
  6. Tallgrass - Page History
  7. Took the Last Train - Page History
  8. ...And I Know You Wanna Dance - Page History
  9. Hard disk drive performance characteristics - Page history
  10. Flash memory controller - Page history
  11. In Action (album) - Page History
  12. Meanwhile Back at the Whisky à Go Go - Page History
  13. Plus Development - Page history
  14. SandForce - Page history
  15. Texas Memory Systems - Page history
  16. Write amplification (GA) - Page history

I have also significantly contributed to the following articles:

  1. Solid-state drive - Edit history
  2. Hardcard - Edit history
  3. TRIM - Edit history
  4. Hard disk drive - Edit history
  5. Flash memory - Edit history
  6. Fusion-io - Edit history
  7. Floppy disk - Edit History
  8. List of solid-state drive manufacturers - Edit History
  9. Serial ATA - Edit History
  10. Wear leveling - Edit history
  11. Intel - Edit History
  12. M-Systems - Edit history

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