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This user is a bot
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Task(s)WikiProject Talk banner replacement and fixes
Edit rate~10 edits per minute
Edit period(s)Periodically
Automatic or manual?Automatic/Semi-automatic
Programming language(s)Works through AWB
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes


This Bot uses AWB to carry out its work. It will usually apply general fixes too, so if it appears to be doing things outside of its task it will probably be that. If the Bot is causing a problem please let me know on my talk page if you think it is a problem with one of the general fixes consider opening an AWB bug report too.

The Bot is exclusion compliant so it will respect {{Nobots}}, it will also skip a page if it is marked as {{In use}}.


Bot Task Status Description
Task 1 Approved Adds {{WikiProject Biography}}, {{WikiProject Water sports}} and {{WikiProject Kayaking}} (as well as some general fixes), to all pages in Category:Kayakers and Category:Canoeists
Task 2 Approved Replaces {{Stub}} with {{bio-stub}}. Will run on biography articles in Category:Stubs
Task 3 Approved Run through Category:Stubs and remove {{stub}} from any page that have a 'more fine-grained stub tag' (runs immediately before Task 2)
Task 4 Withdrawn Run through Category:Uncategorized pages and remove {{Uncategorized}} from any page that has a category.
Task 5 Approved Run through Category:People stubs and add/improve {{WikiProject Biography}}.
Task 6 Withdrawn Run through Stubs included directly in stub categories, remove the stub category and add {{stub}}.

Emergency shutoffEdit