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If you are being used as a bioelectric and thermal energy source, you may be trapped in the matrix.

Mindmatrix (also Wiki Nazi Police, Big Jerk-Face, and Minister of being a poo poo head) is an administrator of "proven sang froid"[1] on the English-language Wikipedia, a privilege first received by the user on December 4, 2005 subsequent to a request for adminship.[2][3]

Known to inhabit the Greater Toronto Area, Mindmatrix tends to focus on contributing geography- and Canada-related information. However, Mindmatrix does not limit contributions to just this field, having edited articles about the natural and social sciences, technology, and culture, and edits on Wikimedia Commons and infrequently on Wiktionary. Mindmatrix limits contributions to those that can be incontrovertibly supported with reliable references and other support material.[citation needed]

Preferring an autodidactic lifestyle, the attention-averse[4] Mindmatrix seeks knowledge in all fields.

Technical proficiency edit

Mindmatrix has alluded to proficiency as a programmer and system administrator[5], favouring the BSD operating systems, PostgreSQL relational database system, and the Perl and Perl 6 programming language.

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