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Hello and welcome to my user page! I am Midnightblueowl, a Wikipedia editor from Western Europe who has been active on the site since February 2006 - although probably only a fully productive editor from 2011. I think that the importance of Wikipedia lies in the fact that it allows people from across the world to gain access to information with which they can make informed decisions about themselves and their futures. It allows people to learn about places, people, and ideas that they might otherwise never have encountered in their day-to-day existence, and thus can help build a better educated and tolerant society. Fundamentally, I hope that a better educated world will be a better world, and that's why I edit Wikipedia. Alongside reviewing other people's articles every now and again, I like to work on articles that I feel can be pulled up to GA and FA status with a little bit of love and tender care.

Subject Articles that I am, or have previously been, heavily involved in creating, authoring, or expanding
Ideological and Socio-political History Nelson Mandela Cscr-featured.svgSteve Biko Cscr-featured.svgDesmond Tutu Symbol support vote.svgF. W. de KlerkRobert Mugabe Symbol support vote.svgJulius NyerereJomo Kenyatta Cscr-featured.svgIdris of LibyaMuammar Gaddafi Symbol support vote.svg

Vladimir Lenin Cscr-featured.svgRevolutionary activity of Vladimir Lenin Symbol support vote.svgJoseph Stalin Symbol support vote.svgMikhail GorbachevBoris YeltsinBenazir BhuttoMao ZedongEarly life of Mao Zedong Symbol support vote.svgLuo Yixiu Cscr-featured.svgMao: A ReinterpretationPol Pot

Karl Marx Symbol support vote.svgWilliam Morris Symbol support vote.svgWinston ChurchillJohn Tyndall Cscr-featured.svgKen Livingstone Symbol support vote.svgBoris JohnsonSadiq KhanZac GoldsmithBob CrowJulia Gasper Symbol support vote.svgPriti PatelMichel Foucault

Miguel SerranoEvo Morales Symbol support vote.svgRafael CorreaMarcus GarveyFidel Castro Symbol support vote.svgEarly life of Fidel Castro Symbol support vote.svgFidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution Symbol support vote.svgCesar ChavezNoam Chomsky Symbol support vote.svgHegemony or Survival Symbol support vote.svgOccupy (book) Symbol support vote.svg

PopulismWomen's International Terrorist Conspiracy from HellRespect PartyGreen Party of England and WalesLiberal Democrats (UK)ProLife AllianceReferendum Party Cscr-featured.svgUK Independence PartyNouvelle DroiteNational Front (UK) Symbol support vote.svgBritish National PartyEnglish Defence League Symbol support vote.svgAlt-right
2010 United Kingdom student protests2011 London anti-cuts protestBahar Mustafa race row Symbol support vote.svgMunroe Bergdorf race row incident Symbol support vote.svgRyanair racism incidentCultural racism
Murder of Dwayne Jones Cscr-featured.svgSuicide of Leelah Alcorn Cscr-featured.svgMurder of Lenford Harvey Symbol support vote.svgBrian Williamson Symbol support vote.svg

Comics and Literature Hergé Symbol support vote.svgTintin in the Land of the Soviets Cscr-featured.svgTintin in the Congo Cscr-featured.svgTintin in America Symbol support vote.svgCigars of the Pharaoh Symbol support vote.svgThe Blue Lotus Symbol support vote.svgThe Broken Ear Symbol support vote.svgThe Black Island Symbol support vote.svgKing Ottokar's Sceptre Symbol support vote.svgThe Crab with the Golden Claws Symbol support vote.svgThe Shooting Star Symbol support vote.svgThe Secret of the Unicorn Symbol support vote.svgRed Rackham's Treasure Symbol support vote.svgThe Seven Crystal Balls Symbol support vote.svgPrisoners of the Sun Symbol support vote.svgLand of Black Gold Symbol support vote.svgDestination Moon Symbol support vote.svgExplorers on the Moon Symbol support vote.svgThe Calculus Affair Symbol support vote.svgThe Red Sea Sharks Symbol support vote.svgTintin in Tibet Cscr-featured.svgThe Castafiore Emerald Symbol support vote.svgFlight 714Tintin and the Picaros Symbol support vote.svgTintin and Alph-Art Symbol support vote.svgThe Adventures of Totor Symbol support vote.svgQuick & FlupkePopol Out West Symbol support vote.svg

Talbot MundyAlan GarnerThe Weirdstone of Brisingamen

Archaeology, Anthropology, and Folkloristics Mick Aston Symbol support vote.svgV. Gordon Childe Cscr-featured.svgGrahame Clark Symbol support vote.svgO. G. S. Crawford Cscr-featured.svgMargaret GellingLeslie Grinsell Symbol support vote.svgJoseph JacobsT. C. Lethbridge Symbol support vote.svgRalph Merrifield Symbol support vote.svgMargaret Murray Cscr-featured.svgWilliam StukeleyPeter UckoMortimer Wheeler Cscr-featured.svgAhnenerbe

Long barrowCotswold-Severn GroupWest Kennet Long BarrowWayland's SmithyMedway MegalithsColdrum Long Barrow Cscr-featured.svgAddington Long Barrow Symbol support vote.svgChestnuts Long Barrow Symbol support vote.svgCoffin Stone Cscr-featured.svgKit's Coty HouseLittle Kit's Coty HouseSmythe's Megalith Cscr-featured.svgWhite Horse Stone Symbol support vote.svgJulliberrie's Grave Symbol support vote.svgJacket's Field Long Barrow Symbol support vote.svgShrub's Wood Long Barrow Symbol support vote.svgStone circles in the British Isles and BrittanySwinsidePorlock Stone Circle Cscr-featured.svgWithypool Stone Circle Cscr-featured.svgFir Clump Stone Circle Symbol support vote.svgAveburyFalkner's Circle Symbol support vote.svgThe SanctuaryNine Stones, Winterbourne Abbas Cscr-featured.svgHampton Down Stone Circle Symbol support vote.svgKingston Russell Stone Circle Symbol support vote.svgRempstone Stone Circle Symbol support vote.svgRollright StonesFontbrégoua CaveCountless stonesHillforts in BritainLey line
Christianity in Roman BritainJulius and AaronAnglo-Saxon paganismOld Norse religionCult of saints in Anglo-Saxon EnglandAnglo-Saxon weaponryBurial in Anglo-Saxon EnglandKingdom of KentSnape Anglo-Saxon CemeteryTaplow BarrowWest Stow Anglo-Saxon villageWið færsticeWetland deposits in ScandinaviaChesapeake pipes
FolkloreJack in the Green'Obby 'Oss festivalMinehead Hobby HorseDorset Ooser Cscr-featured.svgHoodening Cscr-featured.svgThe Broad (folk custom)Mari Lwyd Symbol support vote.svgOld BallOld HorseOld TupWild HuntBenandantiThe Night Battles
The Archaeology of Ritual and Magic Symbol support vote.svgThe Bog People Symbol support vote.svgThe Man-Eating Myth Symbol support vote.svgDreamtime (Duerr book) Symbol support vote.svgIslam: The Untold Story Symbol support vote.svg

Art and Architecture God is Great (no. 2)Red HouseEdward Hollamby Symbol support vote.svg
Religion and Esotericism World religionsIndigenous religionNew religious movementMaterial religionNature religionFolk religionAnimismMagic (supernatural)Western esotericismOccult

ShintoRastafari Symbol support vote.svgModern PaganismAdonismHeathenry (new religious movement) Cscr-featured.svgSlavic Native FaithRadical FaeriesTheosophyNew Age Symbol support vote.svgSatanismLaVeyan SatanismTemple of Set Symbol support vote.svgProcess Church of the Final JudgmentOrder of Nine Angles Symbol support vote.svg
Victor Henry Anderson Symbol support vote.svgHelena BlavatskyEddie Buczynski Symbol support vote.svgMarjorie Cameron Cscr-featured.svgElse Christensen Symbol support vote.svgAleister Crowley Symbol support vote.svgDion Fortune Symbol support vote.svgGerald GardnerKenneth Grant Symbol support vote.svgWilliam G. GrayHarry HayRaymond Howard Symbol support vote.svgAlejandro JodorowskyGuido von List Symbol support vote.svgLeo Martello Symbol support vote.svgStephen McNallen Symbol support vote.svgJohn MichellMadeline Montalban Cscr-featured.svgRosaleen NortonJack Parsons Cscr-featured.svgArthur Uther PendragonGenesis P-OrridgeWilliam PriceIsrael RegardieGeorge Watson MacGregor ReidWilfred Talbot Smith Symbol support vote.svgAustin Osman SpareDoreen Valiente Symbol support vote.svg
Frances YatesCatherine Bell (religious studies scholar)Museum of Witchcraft and Magic
Witch trials in the early modern periodWitch-cult hypothesisThiess of KaltenbrunCunning folk in BritainJames Murrell Symbol support vote.svgGeorge Pickingill Symbol support vote.svgThe Horseman's Word
Etymology of Wicca Symbol support vote.svgA Community of Witches Symbol support vote.svgMagic, Witchcraft and the Otherworld Symbol support vote.svg

Entertainment Snow White (2001 film) Symbol support vote.svgUncle David Cscr-featured.svgAngela Lansbury Symbol support vote.svgSylvester Symbol support vote.svgDivine Symbol support vote.svgTom WaitsMorrissey


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