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Howdy folks!

I am a meteoguy. Not the one who shows you the clouds in the TV screen, but the real thing, roof going, field going, water checking, instrument checking, remote data download, the works.

I will try to put my brain to help around here as it seems there is lack of my kind, but never mind, we will get on with those articles soon enough.

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Sad(dle) reflections

I have been a bit around this Wiki thing and I found more brawls and fights than cooperative edition, heck there are even gangs out there!

I admire the bravery of user Ghirlandajo in his user page.

I went to some of the forbidden areas like the Former Wikipedians, the Missing Wikipedians, the blocks, heck it scared the heart out of me. It seems that until you become an administrator, if you ever arrive there, you either go around with a couple of six shooters on the hip or you allow to be used for target practice, unless you choose the lonely life of the eremit editor and duck the occasional bullet.

Wiki-improved definitions for rookies


Any rookie who doesn't allow to be unfairly treated is hostile

Any rookie who tells to the person who abused him/her that he/she will need to answer before an Arbitrator is hostile

Any rookie who doesn't show submission is hostile

Any rookie who claims that he/she must not be unfairly treated is hostile


A message which is in a page or tone disliked by a more seasoned user constitutes harassment

To threat a rookie, to get him/her blocked without warning and with no chance to explain, is NOT harassment


If you come to town and get interested in something you see just by chance, you CANNOT be a new guy, you are some old bandit.

Lets ride

I will start to visit meteo pages and see how I can get cracking, even a few good guys (and gals) can do some good.

'Ye ol' bandit