If you've reached this page, then you wish to know more about who I am, obviously. Being a not very verbose person, I can't give much, but I'll try. I hopefully don't break what is common courtesy for user pages here -- I can't find much info about what should GO here.

Who I amEdit

I'm just your average Wikipedia reader who loves music, especially classical, film scores, and other soundtracks including those to video games, anime, and almost anything else. I also, somewhat obviously, enjoy video games, anime and other animation, as well as having other various interests that I go back to from time to time, such as roller coasters (I've been on over 125), and now, reading and editing Wikipedia.

While I often have a tough time picking out favorites, and often find such questions silly, I can at least say my favorite instruments are the bass clarinet and the celesta. For anime, two overlooked ones I really adore are Fancy Lala and Princess Tutu, being a large fan of the shoujo genre.

I also have a large interest in discovering minor composers, especially female ones. Cecile Chaminade is a favorite of mine in that department.


Melodia is a name I came up with to use on the Shoujo-Ai MUSH, which already had the name Melody used. Her background isn't all that relevant here, outside of that she's the ideal of myself. At one point, I was forced to come up with a last name, and chose Chaconne.

Pages I createdEdit

I'm mostly a small sort of editor, doing the odd fix up or infobit addition, but I've created the following articles:


Though I don't do a large amount of editing compared to some, I consider myself a part of the following WikiProjects:

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