Who am I?

Hi all (that be ""howdy y'all if you know I was born in BIG D!) My name is McKay. I live in Portland, OR. I am .47 miles (according to Trimet, which offers no bus and doesn't mention the 8% grade!) up in the beautiful southwestern hills.

I have been interested in Philosophy and Logic since I was 8 yrs old. In 1972 I took 2 semesters of philosophy at Iowa Western CC.

I have been a long time advocate of Ayn Rand (since HS in Dallas, TX in 1964, but am more Libertarian than Objectivist. I did Werner Erhard's "est" in Denver in 1978, the culmination of years of yoga, meditation and self-actualization.

I made Jesus my LORD and Savior in 1982. Have made broad and deep studies in the Bible. (The WORD of THE GOD)

I am particularly interested in assisting with regard to WP:Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Aristotelianism, Formal Logic, and issues in Objectivism.

Additionally I am highly skilled at proofreading.

BUT don't forget them damn Yankees, or How 'bout them Cowboys, and rise with them Blazers!

                                           You can reach me at mckaywiii@gmail.com                                                          

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