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"Be Bold" has become an informal slogan of Wikipedia
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Wikipedia:Be bold!

I am a semi active Wikipedian. I used to create talk pages encouraging the creation of notable articles, today I add redirects that are missing.

My contributions to Wikipedia may be freely translated and I release them from GFDL requirements as far as translations are concerned.

I was roused when Template:Future_article_talk_page got deleted from wikipedia. I was strongly oppossed to that. Wikipedia still manages to carry on though. I don't understand deletionism. If it's a cost issue, lets make that plain.

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I do Android development and have worked at Google, Facebook, Grindr, DirecTV, Scopely, Deluxe, Saffron Digital/HTC, Logitech, Sony, MySpace, Electronic Arts, and Jamdat.

The opinions stated here are my own, not those of my company, past or present.

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Now that wikipedia exists, perhaps we should re examine what we thought it would be.
Here is an email address I'll share with the public:

Mind you, I can't guarantee I check that email. You might have more luck with:

Lazy RedirectsEdit

OK so the consensus I got from Future Article Talk Pages is that I should do redirects instead. Now I'm getting in trouble instead for creating Double Redirects. Can we make it wikipolicy to fix double redirects, instead of deleting them? Ideally, wikipedia should be editable FROM A CELL PHONE. You can expect the user to know in advance that a redirect will be good. Let him use trial and error. Faulty redirects still improve search. Double redirects, triple, quadruple, they all still improve wikipedia, by aiding in navigation. Perhaps not as much as skipping straight to the desired final location. We should highly encourage redirecting to the right article, but we should not speedily delete redirects. Every wikipolicy I have seen on the subject does not justify deletion of good faith redirects, that do relate to a topic that is relevant. You can't requre every redirect lead to the ideal best case article. Mathiastck 09:35, 24 May 2007 (UTC)

Future Article Talk PagesEdit

START EMERGENCY EDIT This template just got deleted, which saddens me greatly. I was hoping to see it more widely used. I'd love to discuss the issue, and was surprised to see the template deleted so hastily, with no attempt to discuss the issue on said templates talk page.

I often find an article I need does not exist. At work I don't have time to create the article, so I create the talk page, using this template: {{ Template:Future article talk page}}

(Nate feel free to update this link if you like).

Here is where one would discuss how cool this template is:

[[ Template_talk:Future_article_talk_page]]

If that gets deleted I'll discuss it more here:


Here is where you can view many such pages in a category. [[ Category_talk:Wikipedia_articles_requested_through_talk_page_creation]]. Or wait, why does this only list 2 pages currently?

Mathias Timidi Icono KlastEdit

I never know what to say on these pages. I guess I will describe myself by listing a bunch of links to help describe my web footprint. An old SN of mine was (loooooooong ago :) ).

My nation is DiscoraversalismEdit

Mirror: User:Mathiastck/Discoraversalism

Unitarian Jihad

User:Mathiastck/Unitarian Jihad


I encourage interaction between Everything2 and Wikipedia. -Brother Rail Gun of The Short Path

What is the current policy on each of someone adding an entry from the other, or using it's entries for such a purpose? Are there legal reasons it can't be done?

How hard would it be to write a bot that can translate an Everything2 node to a wikipedia node? Vice versa?

I think I'll start by copying this whole thread to my Self Node on each. That seems to be a good way to post random junk in each without violating their rules :)

I have also created the user [[ User:Everything2]] for purposes of this experiment in taking entries from Everything2 and placing them on wikipedia as sub pages of the user. I encouraged anyone interested in this project to modify the [[ User:Everything2]] subpages as they see fit. I did not intend to use the Everything2 user as a sockpuppet, and plan to only log in as the user to modify that user's pages or subpages.

It seems the proper thing to do when copying wikipedia content to everything2 is to include this text

This article/writeup is released under the [GNU Free Documentation License], and is a verbatim copy/modified version of an article from [Wikipedia] at as of mm/dd/yyyy, as allowed by that license

We're gonna return to this effort, after a long hiatus from Everything2. This page is being copied, with all markup and special charaters removed, to User:Mathiastck/Everything2 Mathiastck 15:05, 25 May 2007 (UTC)

I am interested in these projectsEdit

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Random articles I'm currently linking too:


I am currently raiding these userboxes, and I should raid userboxes from User:Mecu, User:Ixistant:

About MathiasTCK

This user is vehemently in favor of the existence of all your base.

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I really should get around to organizing this someday.

User Boxes I am raidingEdit

User:Dom58! User:Vassyana

Results of RaidingEdit

Why the hell not?

Mathiastck 11:19, 24 May 2007 (UTC)

I'm checking out

User:The_Transhumanist/Virtual_classroom User:Dragons_flight/Category_tracker WP:MOS WP:LOVE WP:ER WP:XFD Special:Log/newusers Wikipedia:Template_messages/User_talk_namespace User:Triddle/stubsensor/20070206 Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup Template:ArticleConcern Wikipedia:Vital_articles Eastern religion Taoism mediation Taoic religion Universal reconciliation WP:RFC WP:ER WP:PR Tai Chi Comparing Eastern and Western religious traditions Wu Chi Mantak Chia

Notes for my own reference

Well anyway, I'm now a reasonably active wikipedian. I mostly add redirects to correct my own mistakes, and work on Category Mobile.

Unfortunately Template:Future_article_talk_page got deleted from wikipedia. I was strongly oppossed to that. I was reroused when my backup strategy of creating redirects instead of new articles didn't help me escape speedy deletion.

Open Raiding 2007_05_04Edit

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Sorry Firefox, I switched to Chrome for most tasks.

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Hello, and welcome to my user page.

I follow a similar rule as Michaelas10 about vandalising user pages-

If you're here to vandalise my user page, then go ahead, I find vandalising techniques fascinating.

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Nerd: indifferent to the negative perceptions held of them by others.

Many lexicographers source geek to an Americanism of Shakespeare's 16th century word, geck, originally of Middle Low German origin; meaning "fool"[1][2] or "an object of scorn; a dupe".[3]


The term white hat hacker is also often used to describe those who attempt to break into systems or networks in order to help the owners of the system by making them aware of security flaws, or to perform some other altruistic activity. Many such people are employed by computer security companies; these professionals are sometimes called sneakers. Groups of these people are often called tiger teams.

The primary difference between white and black hat hackers is that a white hat hacker claims to observe the hacker ethic. Like black hats, white hats are often intimately familiar with the internal details of security systems, and can delve into obscure machine code when needed to find a solution to a tricky problem. Some use the term grey hat and fewer use brown hat to describe someone's activities that cross between black and white.

In recent years the terms white hat and black hat have been applied to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry. Black hat SEO tactics, also called spamdexing, attempt unfairly to redirect search results to particular target pages, whereas white hat methods are generally approved by the search engines.White hackers in general are angles of this IT world.

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The motto of the AIW is conservata veritate, which translates to "with the preserved truth".
This motto reflects the inclusionist desire to change Wikipedia only when no knowledge would be lost as a result.