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"Banana Republic ...anyone?"

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"King's Highway": Brian Blade and The Fellowship Band and uploaded with Brian's kind permission by chicagomusicexchange on YouTube

Teddyevans123, once again pegged out online, on the left, by his fellow editors

Please, beware: Proverbs 18:2

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Ah-ha... so this is what good Administrators do!
Great to see British Dance Band so close to Islamic recitation and Vintage gospel: (... [1])
"Darn it, I say! Now this pesky fake beard won't even come off...."
  • Nice one, Ry...
  • "Drugs" on this album always seemed to me the precursor of what happened two years later (suitably disturbing and clever video by ZyxSync available on YouTube)
  • ... will never forget the first time I heard this, in July 1979, after having been to a late-night showing of David Lynch's Eraserhead; my musical mind was blown away, in those 4 minutes (and never fully recovered, I guess)
  • surprising there is no article for Rhonda Washington: [2]
  • "You want me to tell you the truth, You want me to reason and wait my turn, I haven't the nerve to say no, I guess I deserve the wiki burn you gave me" 1975 - Eric Burdon, just wonderful
  • "Knew how to paint a cowboy town, long before I missed her"... ya just can't beat a really cheesey video
- a number which became an essential part of his live repertoire, and which just got better and better as the years went by.... my personal favourite is almost certainly the live version, recorded at Dinkler's Motor Inn, Syracuse, NY, 27, 28 October 1972 and released in 1977 on "An Evening With Earl Hines" (with Tiny Grimes, Hank Young, Bert Dahlander and Marva Josie) as Disques Vogue VDJ-534.
  • After school is over you're playing in the park....
  • You got soul, you got class, you got style, you're bad ass (allegedly)
  • "Nice pair of marigolds, Siedah"....farewell Dennis ....and of all the many parody videos, this must be one of the best (so accurate, so funny)
  • "I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real." - ahh, Puddles, my Wikipedia experience in ten words
  • I think I just discovered the future of Eurovision

.... ya know folks, just like in the wonderful big list, if you edit long enough, you'll stand like a statue, become part of the machine and those golden Jimmy Wales digit counters will just ... fall!

Master Editor III

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"Users of Wikipedia do get to recognise which parts are shaky, but the unwise may suddenly stumble into benighted stretches, like some crinkum-crankum byway in old London, where footpads lurked and communicable diseases were offered at low prices."
-- Thank you, Christopher Howse in The Daily Telegraph, how very accurate (emphasis added).

"Guess The Weight of the Legal Action"
Some musical gems and some reminders to musical gems.....
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........ "what's that you say, Soo? .... you have to sweep the streets you used to own. Awww.... never mind!!": "Just a puppet on a lonely string, Oh who would ever want to be king?"

Question 1

  • Wikipedia is:
  • (a) a social networking site for people who like to look quite clever
  • (b) a specialist website that allows sufferers of OCD to search for missing commas and fullstops
  • (c) an encyclopedia committee that expends 90% of its energy in pointless arguments over trivia
  • (d) a paranoid fascist organisation more concerned with enforcing rules than quality of content?
  • (e) a new religion
  • (f) a prolonged endurance test for those internet addictees, with failing eyesight and few remaining letters on their first generation laptops, who are still searching for the wiki-spellchecker
  • (g) "a poorly-run bureaucracy with the group dynamics of a cult" [7]
  • (h) an incessant pansy-throwing bickering match for know-it-all, more-knowledgeable-than-thou, big-headed show-offs
  • (i) a playground for internet bullies

Please tick all that apply from the list above and explain why, with reliable references

(N.B. it doesn't have to be a true answer)

Please then gain consensus for your answer, from amongst a random sample of 934 strangely pseudonymic volunteer participants, before proceeding to Question 2

Note: This question is worth a maximum of 0 marks

Marks will be deducted for obvious expressions of exasperation or humour

Please show a full record of your working on the Talk Page Jotter provided

Sleep is optional

Please begin again yesterday

Question 57

(note: Questions 2-56 have been speedily deleted for copyright infringement)

Please answer using the following cultural conventions:

Modern contributors may respond thus: "Now just a moment, dude, let's take a rain-check on the underlying synergies here, we need to explore a few more dynamic possibilities for rationally ostensible underpinnings.... ".

Traditional contributors may respond thus: "F*ck off you useless piece of US college sh*t, go "troll yourself"!! (.. ye olde "Lancan-cester-shire greeting")

Note: This question is worth a maximum of 100 marks

Up to 99 marks will be deducted for not re-stating at least six arguments that have been archived in the last two years.

Please turn over your paper when you hear the bell.

A shared pencil will be provided (although it is a bit blunt, sorry - please invent your own sharpener)

Question 58 (EU passport required to fully answer this question)

  • Pick me, I'm clean, I am also programmed for conversational English.
  • May I have this dance?
  • I've got a better idea . . .
  • "What's a girl like you doing in a place like this? Do you come here often? Wait a minute. . . I've got it . . . You're an Italian . . . What? You're Jewish? Love your nails . . . You must be a Libra . . . Your place or mine?"

Question 58a

Here in Good-Old-God-Save-America
the home of the brave and the free
We are all hopelessly oppressed cowards
Of some duality
Of restless multiplicity
(Oh say can you see)

not even a mention?

Question 101

What is the probability of choosing the right answer to question 58a?

  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 100%
  • 25%

Multimedia Observation Test (Hints and tips #59)

Please view the multimedia presentation selected from the "Vietnam Cultural Archive of Rock Sorcery"', via the prohibited website below (N.B. extensive use of the archaic "glitter clog") and then vote against the statement:

"This is how the Wikipedia concept of "gathering consensus" sometimes appears to ignorant and lazy editors."

(editors with a sensitive or nervous disposition may wish to "avert their gays")

original YouTube caption says it so much more eloquently than I could:

"{insert name of editor of your choice}, a man with a mental problem. Please suppose {editor of choice} he need treatmeant not be be jail."
N.B. this is not a vote.

And now, while all those zillions of wiki-votes PCC spoilt ballots are being carefully counted, here's a little more (black and white) entertainment from the BBC archive.... "Goodness Gracious", apparently:

well, for a while, anyway...

(note cunningly concealled "Glitter Watch"

All you really need to know is here: Wikipedia:WikiSpeak

and of course here: "I loves it bro... Safe!" [8]

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"With a brand new nose, who knows where it goes." [9]

Please note that this User page is no longer accepting the following items:

  • intrusive comments pertaining to earthworms
  • false angels
  • exotic poisons hidden in custard
  • lowly smuggled fat options
  • “Jelly fellarlies”
  • all types of rubber kitten (probably best if I don't link here to that "Reflective Desire" video, even if it was copyright free)
  • illicit hibiscus products
  • Liza Minnelli ... or her pie-weighing Mom
  • pyramid schemes offering discount poetry