I am a scientist working at the interface of physics, biology, and computation.

Potential conflicts of interest: I am affiliated with the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and collaborate with researchers at Kaiser Permanente.

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For my own reference:

WP banner template abbreviationsEdit

  {{WikiProjectBannerShell|collapsed=no|}}    shell around multiple banners

  {{physics|class=|importance=}}        physics
  {{maths rating|class=|importance=}}   mathematics
  {{compsci|class=|importance=}}        computer science
  {{chemistry|class=|importance=}}      chemistry
  {{WPJournals|class=|importance=}}     academic journals
  {{WPECON|class=|importance=}}         economics
  {{WPEB|class=|importance=}}           evolutionary biology
  {{WPGT|class=|importance=}}           game theory
  {{WPSTAT|class=|importance=}}         statistics
  {{WPASTRO|class=|importance=}}        astronomy

Listing citations in Talk/AfD pagesEdit


Find sourcesEdit

  {{Find sources}} or {{find}}

Find sources: Google (books · news · newspapers · scholar · free images · WP refs· FENS · JSTOR · NYT · TWL

  {{Find sources notice 2}}
  {{Friendly search suggestions}} or {{FSS}}


Code Result
{{Outdent2}} ()
{{tps}} (talk page stalker)
{{ec}} (edit conflict)
{{hat}} and {{hab}} Closing a discussion.
{{collapse top|Text goes here}} and {{collapse bottom}} Putting text in collapsible box.

Page numbers in citationsEdit

Page numbers in parenthesesEdit

<ref name="Jackson1999" />{{rp|pages=233–7}}

Fact.[a 1](pp233–7)

<ref name="Jackson1999" />{{rp|at=dust jacket}}

Fact.[a 1](dust jacket)

Page numbers after a colonEdit


Adds a reference like foo[1]:100, with a page number (page1 applies to the first reference, page2 to the second, etc.).