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The flag has nothing to do with Greek or Macedonian nationalism: Minoa thought that the Vergina sun was appropriate for the climate and geography that her NationStates nation is located. Furthermore, Minoa has been avoiding real world politics, due to the Brexit and Trump.

Hello, my name is Minoa: on 2 March 2019, I adopted this username, because I use the name of my NationStates nation more often than the old username. I would like to thank Base for bringing the new and more relevant username into reality.

However, I chose not to abandon my old account to avoid potential complications with multiple accounts, given that Wikipedia policy says that editors are generally expected to have only one account.

I came out of full retirement in September 2018, to address a number of annoying issues with the detail in some articles. The main fixes included:

  • Resolving outdated colours of the Grand Paris Express lines (Paris Métro Line 15 Paris Métro Line 16 Paris Métro Line 17 Paris Métro Line 18);
  • Resolving the annoyingly off-centred text in the icon for Paris Métro Line 15;
  • Clarifying that the Czech blue tit was alive and well, at the time when the age record was set;
  • Revising or removing outdated Athens Metro extensions.

There are some things that need more than one editor:

  • Reorganise the article structure of Zimbabwean currency: my first proposal flopped miserably, so maybe other users like Andrewa could help me on that or come up with something better.

My mental health is still really poor and brittle, so I will not be as active as before.

MediaWiki technical skills

I am experienced in the deployment and operation of MediaWiki projects, such as NSindex (since 8 February 2013). That does not mean that I am a total expert, since I ask for advice on using enabling or disabling MediaWiki features from time to time.

Accolades (as Marianian)

  Zimbabwean Barnstar of National Merit
Awarded for outstanding and sustained contributions to the Banknotes of Zimbabwe page by Passportguy (talk) 11:32, 9 January 2009 (UTC)