I live in England. I am a native English speaker, and retain some schoolboy French. I have a science degree.

I can program in Prolog, Perl, and PHP, and write raw html. I like maps.

Interactive mapsEdit

Interactive maps are a new tool being developed by the Wikimedia Foundation – see Maps/Conversation and mapbox gallery. They rely on Template:Mapframe, which is already running here on en:Wikipedia, and on some javascript, which is not. To get the javascript working, I copied it from here to User:Maproom/common.js. You can get it working for you by doing the same, using your own username. Once you have done that, you will be able to look at the specimens in this test page.

Cayley graphsEdit

The Möbius–Kantor graph, the Cayley graph of the Pauli group

I have added some Cayley graphs to articles. You can see one to the right, and at Pauli group. If you think it would be useful to have more such Cayley graphs of small groups in articles, please let me know, and I will try to provide them. But I won't upload them to Commons for you – I am no longer willing to struggle with the Commons upload process.

Thanks for editsEdit

Maybe you have come here because I thanked you for an edit, and you are wondering what motivated me. I have certainly wondered what has motivated some of the thanks that I have received.

If I have thanked you for reverting an edit I made, it was to acknowledge that you were right to do so. Otherwise, it might be because I saw your edit, and thought "that is a conspicuously good contribution to Wikipedia." Or maybe your edit made me think "I wish I had said that." Or even both.

Wikipedia accountsEdit

I have never had another Wikipedia account. Occasionally, through incompetence, I edit while logged out. My IP address is dynamic, and usually geolocates somewhere in central southern England.


Of possible interest to readersEdit

Of interest only to meEdit