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Hello, I'm Maplestrip, also known as Maple or Mable. I am mostly focused on articles related to the video game industry and webcomics. Though I love creating C-class articles, B-class articles and higher are generally too imposing for me to do much with. After all, I love making an article from nothing without having to worry about faulty structure or correct, yet unsourced material. Me.

That all being said, you may see me all around, and I'll be looking forward to that :) So feel free to chat with me! ~Maplestrip (chat) 10:51, 27 November 2014 (UTC)


I have a few magazines and books related to video games, anime and webcomics. You can find a list here. Feel free to ask me about them!

About me on WikipediaEdit

  1. I am very strict about fiction: if you can't source it to a reliable secondary source, it's probably original research and cruft has no place in an article.
  2. I love writing about unusual topics; things no one would expect to see a separate article for.
  3. I hate access-dates. It's usually just meaningless clutter.


Personal projectsEdit

Incomplete list of articles I have single-handedly shaped. For another incomplete list, check here.

Full list

Video gaming in x seriesEdit


--I may delete this section soon...

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