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Halò! Ciamar a tha sibh? (Hello! How are you?)Edit

Thank you for your curiosity in viewing this page!

I am a 34-year-old doctor specialised in psychiatry from Scotland, UK, and (occasional/sporadic) contributor to the site. I am interested in anything, and I put my hand into many topics, though I tend to concentrate my efforts on sports-related articles (particularly those with Scottish interests).

I have a habit of working on list articles, as well as correcting/updating statistics and figures, and generally correcting/cleaning up spelling and grammar. No, I do not fall within the diagnostic criteria for OCD or Autism, rather I am a WikiGnome.

I hope that my contributions to Wikipedia are constructive, and I am happy to hear from anyone regarding any of my work (regardless of its significance). Furthermore, if anyone has any advice, suggestions, or resources that would assist me in working on my active projects, inactive projects, or future projects, it would be greatly appreciated. It really goes without saying, but I will always appreciate anyone who actively helps out with these projects too.

And in case you are wondering...

Macarism: n. pleasure in another's joy; a beatitude.

Active projectsEdit

19th century Scottish Cup seasonsEdit

Starting at 1873-74 and working my way though each season year by year. There is a lot of articles to create, and will be worth the effort since early Scottish football is effectively early world football, and should be accurately documented. It is becoming a particularly difficult task, though, as internet resources seem to conflict with each other in terms of fixture accuracy - I need to find out where they are getting their information from.

19th century Scottish clubs who participated in the Scottish CupEdit

Mainly creating stubs, initially, though I do have plans to expand them too. I am likely to concentrate my efforts on this project once I have worked through the Scottish Cup season pages.

Inactive projectsEdit

List of world records in athleticsEdit

Creating progression articles for each discipline (for example, Men's 4 x 100 metres relay world record progression). On the back burner as many others are contributing to this now, albeit in a fashion that will require standardisation in the future.

Stub articles relating to hospitals in the United KingdomEdit

A very early project of mine, riddled with the scars of inexperience, just as I was slipping into the addictive world of Wikipedia. Only created a couple of stubs (for example, Woodilee Hospital), but I would hope to return to this in the future, as there are potential interesting and informative good article candidates amongst them.

Future projectsEdit

ICD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioural disordersEdit

Cleaning up and (possibly) creating new articles for certain disorders.