Star of life.svgThis user scored 1550.0521432041821 on the Wikipediholic test.

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svgThis user is a Wikipedian.
WPC This user will get around to being a member of the Wikipedian Procrastination Club
Stargate SG·1 symbol 01.svgThis user is from the planet Earth.Rotating earth (large).gif
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Noia 64 apps xclock.pngThis user's time zone is GMT-5.
Nuvola apps bookcase.svgThis user is a university student.

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A, B, and CThis user prefers the serial comma.
snukThis user says snuck.
to¦goThis user chooses to sometimes use split infinitives.
…in.Ending a sentence with a preposition is something that this user is okay with.
Majority ≠ right This user recognizes that even if 300,000,000 people make the same mistake, it's still a mistake.

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Regarding gender, this user will use the vernacular, not what is politically correct.
couldn't'veThis user believes that couldn't've would make a perfectly fine word.
byThe passive voice may be used by this user.
. TheThis user does not put two spaces after a full stop.
“…”This user favors curly quotation marks over straight style.
"…"?This user thinks "British punctuation is best for quotation marks". Do you?
More Userboxes
Praising-hands.svgThis user is interested in religion.
A coloured voting box.svgThis user is interested in politics.
GOP This user supports the U.S. Republican Party.
AIM-2This uzer has an intermediate understanding of the AIM lingos. 0_0
Crystal kdmconfig.pngThis user is interested in their family history.
Asahiflex600.jpgThis user enjoys photography.
Nuvola apps package development.pngThis user enjoys woodworking.
P space.pngThis user enjoys skygazing and astronomy.
Sherlock Holmes statue at Meiringen1.jpgThis user likes Sherlock Holmes.
LOTR This user loves The Lord of the Rings, both the books and the films.
Crystal krfb.png This user contributes using a PC.
Own windows logo.svgThis user contributes using Microsoft Windows.
Google 2015 logo.svgThis user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Pearl Milktea.jpgThis user drinks bubble tea.
ChessSet.jpgThis user enjoys chess.
Go board part.jpgThis user is a Go player.
Baby foot artlibre jnl.jpgThis user plays table football, or "foosball".
cvg-2 This user is an intermediate gamer.
MP This user is a fan of Monty Python.
Stainer.jpgThis user enjoys classical music.
pno-1This user is a novice pianist.
Old violin.jpgThis user plays the violin.
No pet.svgThis user is not a pet owner.
Color icon blue.svg This user's favorite colour is blue.
dlphEeek ack sque'ek ook kkkk'k squeek.
ENTJ This user's MBTI type is ENTJ.
?met?This user prefers metric units and cannot figure out why Americans and Brits have such a hard time with them.
IQ curve.svgThis user is a statistician.
Nuvola apps edu science.svg This user has a keen interest in learning about Chemistry.
Wormhole jet.jpgThis user's favorite subject is physics.
Kohlenstoffnanoroehre Animation.gifThis user is interested in nanotechnology.
°CThis user uses the Celsius scale, as they find it superior in every way to Fahrenheit.
Candle stump on holder.jpgThis user affirms the
Apostles' Creed
Cristo crucificado.jpgThis user believes that salvation is by grace alone through faith in Christ alone.

de-3Dieser Benutzer hat sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse.
<html>This user can write HTML.
gbDz uadddr za nagve sspkr Gbrsh.
pig-2Isthay userway ancay ontributecay ithway anway intermediateway evellay ofway Igpay Atinlay.
grc-1Ὅδε ὁ χρήστης δύναται συμβάλλεσθαι ὀλίγῃ γνώσει τῆς ἀρχαίας ἑλληνικῆς.
1337-1Th1s us3r is 4bl3 2 c0ntr1but3 w1th 4 b451( l3v3l 0f 1337.
no-eoThis user does not like Esperanto.
vb-1This user is a beginner Visual Basic programmer.
TI-83.pngThis user is an advanced TI-BASIC programmer.
LE-0This individual still maintains a shred of dignity in this insane world by adhering to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation.
C-2This user is an intermediate C programmer.
Java-3This user is an advanced Java programmer.
Lambda lc.svgThis user is a beginning Scheme programmer.
py-4This user is an expert Python programmer.
reThis user writes regular expressions to find everything around the house.
mysql-2This user is an intermediate MySQL programmer.
mpl-2This user is an intermediate Maple programmer.
Mathematica Logo.svg-4This user is an expert Mathematica programmer.
MAT-3This user is an advanced MATLAB programmer.
prog-3This user is an advanced programmer.
bash-1This user is a beginner Bash programmer.
On Userboxes
73 ubxsThis user has 73 userboxes.
ubxThis user uses userboxes.
ubx-5This user uses entirely too many userboxes.
Crystal128-blockdevice.svgThis user likes to use redundant userboxes that are redundant.