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Сколько б нитей не плёл обман
Покажет лик света истина[1]

— Origa, Rise, GitS:SAC OST2
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Hello and Welcome! This is Wikipedia, or more precisely, this here is my user page, where you can read all about me, your humble fellow editor. I sincerely hope you find some information here that is of actual use to you.

I am a rather absent user of Wikipedia, and when I'm not absent, I'm usually too lazy to do actual hard work. I usually only edit articles as I read them - you could say I'm a critical and helpful reader. You can try to reach me on my talk page, but probably you'll have better luck with just sending me an e-mail: gyuraki87@stcable.net

My sister: User:Asarolt

About meEdit

Gyuráki Mihály
Born (1987-05-28) 28 May 1987 (age 34)
Educationcurrently studying physics at university
Alma materSvetozar Marković Gymnasium
University of Novi Sad
Relativesuser:Asarolt (sister)


I am Mátyás, one of the many, many humble editors of this grand encyclopaedia that would deserve far better editors than myself. I chose this screen name here for but one reason: it was available. Also, it's short and has special characters, so to log in as me, one must be acquainted with the Hungarian language and its alphabet to at least some degree. My real name is Gyuráki Mihály (Gyuráki is my family name, and Mihály is the Hungarian variant of Michael), but I am often forced to transcribe my name to Djuraki Mihalj / Ђураки Михаљ, as very few people in modern Serbia actually speak Hungarian, and that means they have no clue of the spelling, either. Worse even, they mostly don't care about how "foreign" names are written, as they simply transcribe everything phonetically, and the way they pronounce it. How rude, I must say!

Early lifeEdit

I was born on the 28th of May, 1987 AD[3], in what was then the Socialist Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, SFRY, in the city of Novi Sad. Ever since, I've lived in my home town of Temerin. The country fell apart before I could even understand the concept of "country". The next decade of my life I spent in the FRY under the reign of Slobodan Milošević (I bet you've heard of him). To this day I cannot understand how I managed to go through the 1990s without knowing anything about the horrors that occurred all around me; though, truth be told, nothing much actually happened in Vojvodina. I only became aware of my true surroundings after the events in 2000. In 2003, the country went through another transformation, becoming the short-lived federal state of Serbia and Montenegro. This de facto confederacy fell apart in 2006, and Serbia has been an independent country since then. Then in February 2008 Kosovo declared its independence, again, but that is of little relevance, for the "province" never was an integrated part of Serbia. So you can see that I have lived in four different countries in my 27 years without ever having to move; however, this is so with most people born in the former Yugoslavia.


I finished elementary school in Temerin, then went to the Svetozar Marković Gymnasium in Novi Sad. After I finished my four years there, I went to the University of Novi Sad, where I am still studying physical meteorology at the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physics.

Wikipedia-calibre eventsEdit

So far I have met four people who had their own articles on Wikipedia.

  1. Marsha Ivins, an American astronaut. She gave a popular lecture at my university, in the Mihajlo Pupin Amphitheatre of the Faculty of Sciences on 28 November 2012. The lecture was in English, and quite humorous, though rather insightful, too. Also, at 61 years of age, the woman looked and acted quite youthful.
  2. Čedomir Jovanović, president of LDP. I met him at the party congress in Belgrade on 22 June 2013. He gave some rather motivating speeches that day, I was quite moved by his words.
  3. Lajkó Félix, the musician. He had a concert at the Novi Sad Synagogue on 27 August 2013. Albeit originally a church, the building now serves as a venue for concerts. The man is quite the character; he was so immersed in his music that he would urge us to stop the applause so he could continue playing. Hardly did look at the audience, really. And the music was... beyond words!
  4. Nenad Čanak, president of LSV. There was this election rally on 9 October 2013, before the local elections in Vrbas, and both he and Čedomir Jovanović held speeches there, at the local cinema called Jugoslavija (quite an impressive interior, with lots of wood). The two parties have joined into a coalition on the local level for these elections. Nenad Čanak is a really talented orator and a unique figure on the local political scene - he gave a really in-depth analysis of the current political situation, and did so in layman's terms.

Me and political geographyEdit

This user has set foot in 11 countries of the world.

The 11 countries
Lived in   Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia* (1987-92)   Federal Republic of Yugoslavia* (1992-2003)   Serbia and Montenegro* (2003-6)   Serbia (since 2006)
Countries visited   Greece   Hungary   Italy   Montenegro
Traveled through   Croatia   Republic of Macedonia   Slovenia

The * denotes historical country

Administrative divisions, or where do I live
  Planet Earth
  Continent Europe
  State Republic of Serbia
  Province Vojvodina / Vajdaság
  Okrug Južnobački okrug / Dél-Bácskai körzet / South Bačka District
  Municipality Temerin


I believe that the Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian languages are all but dialects of the same language, whatever you call it. Also, I studied Latin for two years in the Gymnasium and 10+ years German, but to not much result.


I have been working on a lot of things, (see here for all my edits), but the most substantial part of it are the few articles I have created so far, listed below.



I also have an account on Wikimedia Commons, here. So far, I have uploaded a modest 23 files. Here are some.



Got nothing better to do? Disambiguate! Category:Disambiguation pages in need of cleanup

Ottó HermanEdit

Ottó Herman (Herman Ottó in the Hungarian name order, was a Hungarian polymath. Long article to be translated here.


Clean up these articles for links and such - China and India done, Israel/Palestine underway.

UNSC elections:

To be filled... but with what sources?

Category:Country data templates of countries

Check these, then fill until 193 + past members + observers... There is a Permanent Observer of Holy See to the United Nations in Geneva, but with 0 sources... and the New Zealand triplets - to be merged, but have 0 sources as well...

UN Member's Sites TableEdit

31 / 193

UN Member Permanent Mission Site (also this)
  Afghanistan [5]
  Albania [6]
  Algeria [7]
  Angola [8]
  Antigua and Barbuda life ended in 2004...
  Australia [9]
  Austria [10]
  Belarus [11]
  Bhutan [12]
  Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
  Bosnia and Herzegovina [13]
  Brunei Darussalam [14]
  Burkina Faso
  Cape Verde
  Central African Republic
  Democratic Republic of the Congo
  Costa Rica
  Côte d'Ivoire
  Croatia [15]
  Cyprus site 1, site 2
  Czech Republic [16]
  Dominican Republic
  El Salvador
  Equatorial Guinea
  Ethiopia [17]
  Finland [18]
  Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  North Korea
  South Korea
  Lao People's Democratic Republic
  Liberia Liberia UN, Liberia Permanent Mission
  The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  Marshall Islands
  Micronesia (Federated States of)
  Republic of Moldova
  Mongolia [19]
  Morocco Genf, Main Site
  Namibia [20]
  Nauru [21]
  New Zealand
  Norway [22]
  Palau [23]
  Papua New Guinea
  Russian Federation [24]
  Saint Kitts and Nevis
  Saint Lucia
  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  Samoa [25]
  San Marino
  Sao Tome and Principe
  Saudi Arabia
  Serbia [26]
  Sierra Leone
  Solomon Islands [27]
  South Africa [28]
  South Sudan
  Spain [29]
  Sri Lanka
  Syrian Arab Republic
  United Republic of Tanzania [30]
  Trinidad and Tobago
  Tuvalu UN site, other site
  United Arab Emirates
  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  United States of America
  Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
  Viet Nam


Embassies of SerbiaEdit

Perhaps I could look into these few articles, create more, make a template...




Did you know ...?Edit

Facts weighed and interpreted by Mátyás


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Mátyás chronologyEdit

Multilingual effortsEdit

Originally, the idea was that I'd edit Wikipedia in every language I know. This led to me being active on six different language editions of Wikipedia, and I made a number of edits on each. Some years back, I made a comparison, and my different edit counts were, as of 2009.10.07.:

Since then, I've mostly been editing this, the English Wikipedia. Simply, it is not really comparable in size or depth with these other ones, and I always end up reading about stuff here. Hence, I do my editing here, too.

Send me a postcard!Edit

Send me a postcard!

You will excuse me for taking this opportunity and using my user page for some advertisement. The idea is that, Wikipedia being a global project, people from entirely random locations around the globe do eventually end up seeing my user page. And I, as an amateur stamp collector, would love nothing more than to receive postcards from wholly random locations around the world. So, why not send me a postcard? I promise to return the favour, if you so desire.

If you have decided to send me a postcard, my home address is:

Serbia (Europe)
21235[4] Temerin
Rakoci Ferenca[5] 161

There, I have given you my home address and some other data on this page, yet I am not afraid of identity theft, as for something like that you would require my JMBG or some other identification number, which is not given here. This section was created on 4 November 2012, and I have received 1 postcard thus far (you know who you are - спасибо!).


  1. ^ Translation from Russian:
    No matter how many threads deception would weave
    Truth will show its face of light
  2. ^ although christened as a Roman Catholic
  3. ^ I must stress that this calendar the world uses today is a Christian one, while most governments of the world state themselves as secular
  4. ^ this is the postal code for Temerin
  5. ^ this is the Serbian rendition of the man's name - street names are always given in the genitive case, and the word "ulica" meaning "street" is almost never used in this context, it being implied