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Kaptein Kaliber are an experimental electronic music project based in Bergen, Norway, and consisting of David Åsheim, John Hegre and Jørgen Træen. [1]

They emerged alongside other Norwegian musicians in a period known as the Bergen Wave and initially recorded for the indie label Telle Records.[2] They are also credited for their involvement with other artists [3], most notably the Norwegian band Datarock whose debut EP was released under Kaptein Kaliber's own label, "Kaptein Kaliber Records".

John Hegre and Jørgen Træen have also published material as solo artists.[4][5]


Kaptein Kaliber are known for their eccentric live performances (which have featured industrial digging equipment) and their love of penguins. This is a reference to the group's origins in Tromsø which is located in the Arctic region of Norway. Pictures of penguins feature prominently in all of their album artwork and on the Kaptein Kaliber website.[6] Musically, the group's electronic sound is difficult to classify. They are most closely associated with experimental artists such as Aphex Twin who they have previously supported.[7]


  • Pop Ultra (2002) LP- Telle Records
  • Pop Ultra 2 (2002) LP- Telle Records
  • Pop Ultra 2b (2003) LP- Telle Records
  • LP! Digitalt Remastret (2004) CD Album- Telle Records
  • Hjelp (2007) CD Album- Karisma Records


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