Me at Mason Pine Hotel, West Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia
Me at Manggar Beach, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Me at Merlion Park, Singapore

Hi welcome to my page, hope that any articles started or edited by me can be useful.


My name is Irman Novriandi
I am an employee in a private company, majoring in civil engineering industries.

I am interested in aviation, geography, history, civil engineering, telecommunication and traveling.

I have several blog that is :
transportation information blog blog1
miscellaneous diary blog blog2 Website

I'm also have several websites :
transportinfotransportinfo (founder & co-admin) (closed)
curvefusioncurvefusion (co-founder & admin) (closed)
reachandridereach and ride (founder & admin) (closed)
irman novriandi irman novriandi


I am also available in several forums such as :
Bismania : ID = hishigi mibu and ulquiorra_cifer
Detikforum : ID = hishigi mibu
Indoflyer : ID = hishigi mibu
Kaskus : ID = hishigi mibu
Skyscrapercity : ID = hishigi mibu
Semboyan35 : ID = hishigi mibu


My first created page in Wikipedia is an article about West Bandung Regency.

Articles started by me :






Templates started by me :