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Reference links: See Editor's Index to Wikipedia by John Broughton (not me).

I am not a number, though I've been granted 3102449 by WMF, with these special properties. As I've said for years, I'm from From, California, United States of America. Contributions include grammatical edits, citations, vandalism reversion, CC photo additions, and these articles:

Fitness trail, The Search for Robert Johnson (DYK 2k), The Prince and the Surfer (DYK), Return (2011 film) (DYK), 2030 (novel) (DYK, 10976), Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge (DYK), Emotional Backgammon, El Gringo, Cinereach, Return (1985 film), We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks (DYK, 2400)


Test screening, Film screening, Eyeball Chat, ERC (software) (DYK), Comic Book Confidential, Oil on Ice (DYK), Doomsday Gun (DYK, 3155), Pawn Queens, LolliLove, De brug, Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss, Nylon (magazine), Subtitle editor, The Core Pocket Media Player, Subrip, Three Dollars, Frank & Seder Building

Sourced Sherman Oaks Galleria well, and am proud of the inclusion criteria at List of common misconceptions.

Suggested Wikilinks Extractor tool, written by wctaiwan, to simplify adding whole pages full of wikilinks to my Watchlist.


 British Columbia  Japan  Spain  France
 Germany   Switzerland  Brazil  Netherlands

Did this much work and leave edit summaries 99.2% of the time.

Unable to spell "received", and I've left stray test {{reflist}}s laying around more than once.

Stalked by User:HagermanBot and User:Smackbot, but that's ok. Thanks to [User:DoctorJoeE for this load gadget Current Real-Life Workload: 5.5

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On Wikipedia, The Beatles really are more popular than Jesus. Well, more frequently visited, anyways.

Year Beatles Jesus
2010 7,284,127 4,508,258
2009 36,310,436 3,639,853
2008 7,820,148 3,059,559