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Hello, fellow Wikipedians! I started editing on Wikipedia officially in December 2011. My interests are mainly in History, Geography, and Linguistics. I'm not particularly focused in one area at the moment, making edits where ever I can. I also wish to make easier links by expanding current pages, and once I become well-read enough to, create articles. However, I do feel that improving the articles that are on Wikipedia are more important than adding more articles (Quality over Quantity). My main edits so far have been history-related, and mainly about the Middle Ages, but, the articles I've worked on to get to GA status are of the natural sciences (Ornithology-related). If I'm not editing, I'm probably reading, whether it be books, or articles on Wikipedia and other sites. If I make any mistakes, do not hesitate to inform me.

I will try to join certain groups when I get the chance.


Topics of InterestsEdit

  • Middle Ages (Mainly c.800 to c.1500)
  • Holy Roman Empire (and pretty much anything I can find about it, whether it be people, events, culture, facts, etc.)
  • 11th Century England, Spain and Italy (Sicily & Papal States)
  • 14th-18th Century France
  • Byzantine relations with Western Europe 11th to 15th Centuries
  • Song Dynasty China (and Early Ming)
  • Heian, Kamakura, and Edo periods in Japan
  • Abbasid and Fatimid Caliphates
  • Early Modern Period (Huguenot & Catholic conflict in 16th and 17th Centuries, & know little of it, though, Worldwide contact within the 16th and 18th centuries)
  • Spanish Empire (Particulary Spanish Florida, New Spain in Present-Day U.S.)
  • Restoration England; and America during that era (Have yet to read about it yet, though)
  • Mughal India
  • And pretty much any facet of History from c.375 up to c.1815.


Other academia interestsEdit

Current projects affiliated withEdit

To do ListEdit

Today's featured article

The Astronomica is a Latin didactic poem about celestial phenomena, written in hexameters and divided into five books. It was written c. AD 10–20 by a Roman poet whose name was likely Marcus Manilius. The earliest work on astrology that is extensive, comprehensible, and mostly intact, the poem focuses heavily on the zodiac. It espouses a Stoic, deterministic understanding of a universe overseen by a god and governed by reason. It was rediscovered in the 15th century by the Italian humanist and scholar Poggio Bracciolini, who had a copy made from which the modern text derives. The Astronomica was read, commented upon, and edited by scholars, but then was neglected for centuries. This started to change during the early 20th century when the classicist A. E. Housman published a critically acclaimed edition of the poem. Housman's work was followed by the Latinist G. P. Goold's lauded English translation in 1977. (Full article...)

Did you know...

Ribbed Mediterranean limpet

Picture of the DayEdit

Big Buck Bunny is a computer-animated comedy short film, featuring animals of the forest, produced by the Blender Institute, part of the Blender Foundation. Like the foundation's previous film, Elephants Dream, the film was made using Blender, a free and open-source software application for 3D computer modeling and animation, made by the same foundation. Unlike the earlier project, the tone and visuals departed from a cryptic story and dark visuals to one of comedy, cartoons and light-heartedness. Big Buck Bunny was released as an open-source film under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.Film credit: Blender Foundation

Pages I've edited (not including adding citations)Edit

(Will make a more accurate list later)

Pages of Interest to Edit in the Near FutureEdit

Name Start work diff Start work status Current article status Goal
Northern mockingbird Start   GA   FA
Carolina wren C   GA   FA
Blue jay B B   FA
Gray catbird Start Start   FA
Tufted titmouse Start Start   GA
Catholic Church and the Age of Discovery B B   GA
Isabel I of Castile C C   FA
Ferdinand II of Aragon C C   GA
Portuguese Empire Start C   FA
Portuguese discoveries B B   FA

The Loftiest of them allEdit

Name Start work diff Start work status Current article status Goal
Spanish Inquisition B B   FA
Miguel de Cervantes C C   FA

Not so loftyEdit

Name Start work diff Start work status Current article status Goal
Avignon Papacy C C   FA
Spanish Empire B B   FA
Juana Inés de la Cruz C C   FA
Isaac II Angelos Start Start   GA
Investiture Controversy Start Start   FA

Potential Good/Featured TopicsEdit

Note: I'm not necessarily the only or major editor (if significant at all) of these articles, however I do wish to see all of these articles reach a GA status at least.

10 articles
  Ocellated thrasher
  Brown thrasher
  Cozumel thrasher
  Bendire's thrasher
  Curve-billed thrasher
  Le Conte's thrasher
  Crissal thrasher
  California thrasher
  Gray thrasher
  Long-billed thrasher
3 articles
 The Federalist Papers
  Alexander Hamilton
  James Madison
  John Jay

Will definitely add more topic boxes....