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Licínio "Lecen" Nunes de Miranda

Hi, my name is Licínio Nunes de Miranda and this is my Wikipedia page. The nickname "Lecen" is merely a pun on the way my actual name is pronounced ("Lee-cee-nee-o") in Portuguese, my native language. It is not a nickname, though. I'm Brazilian, born in 1984, graduated in Law and formerly a lawyer. I have a Master's degree in History from the University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies. Presently, I'm a PhD candidate at the Department of History in the same university. There, I had the pleasure and honor of having as teachers formidable people such as Ida Altman and Florin Curta. I actually have my own page in the Department of History's website, in case you're wondering whether I'm real or a just a dog. The link is here.

My interest in here is mainly Brazilian history, particularly the imperial era. The reason for that is because it's a dead epoch in Brazil's history, one that arises little to none controversy, unlike more recent topics, such as the military regime. Articles such as Empire of Brazil, Pedro II of Brazil, Pedro I of Brazil, among others, were fully written by me, with the fundamental aid of Astynax, who made an extraordinary work by copy editing them. History is something that I truly love, although I have a soft spot for political science and literature.

If you like Brazilian history and wish to share a few thoughts with me, go ahead!

Favorite quotesEdit

They learned nothing and forgot nothing.

— Talleyrand (1754 – 1838)

Gentlemen, despotism never introduces itself without promising great benefits: if it introduced a whip immediately, it would not achieve its ends...

— Justiniano José da Rocha (1811 – 1862), journalist and member of the Brazilian Conservative Party

When I was young, my friend, I did not know how to explain why the elderly were selfish, but now that I am old, I see that they are like that because of the disappointments and ingratitudes they suffer during their lives.