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NameAlejandro López
Alessandro Lupo
Alexandre Loupé
Alexandru Lupescu
Alexandre Lopes
Alexandrus Lupus
BornMiami Beach, Florida, United States
Current location Florida
Time zoneEastern
Weight140 lbs
Family and friends
PetsArchangel x Korat,
Education and employment
High schoolMiami Beach Senior High School
UniversityUniversity of Miami
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
ReligionRoman Catholicism
Religio Romana
La Religión
AliasesEl Lobo
Il Lupo
Le Loup
O Lobo
enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
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sc-2Custu utente podet contribuire cun unu livellu intermediu de su sardu.
scn-2St'utenti pò cuntribbuiricci c'un sicilianu ôn liveddu mediu.
mt-2Dan l-utent kapaċi jikkontribwixxi b'Malti ta' livell intermedju.
el-2Αυτός ο χρήστης μπορεί να συνεισφέρει σε μεσαίου επιπέδου ελληνικά.
tr-1Bu kullanıcı Türkçeyi düşük düzeyde anlıyor.
fa-1دانش فارسی این کاربر درسطح مبتدی است.
ar-1هذا المستخدم يتحدث اللغة العربية بمستوى مبتدئ.
am-1ይህ/ቾ አባል በቀላል ደረጃ አማርኛ ማቀነባበር ይችላሉ።
so-1Isticmaalahan wuxuu Soomaaliga ugu hadlaa si aad u yar.
yo-1Oníṣe yìí bíntín ní ìmọ̀ rẹ̀ nínú èdè Yorùbá.
LE-0This individual still maintains a shred of dignity in this insane world by adhering to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation.
IntS !
This user understands leet, IM & texting slang, but won't use it. "411 ur LOL pwn ROFLMAO OMG b310ng 2" you, thanks.
sar-NThis user is a native speaker of sarcasm. Isn't that just great?
BSThis user can speak Bullshit.
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Alejandro "El Lobo" López is a Latin man born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. López grew up in North Bay Village – a city in Miami-Dade County – but has lived in various cities within South Florida. López was raised Roman Catholic. López knows English, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian, and Latin. López's Father is Uruguayan and his Mother is Puerto Rican. His Father, Alejandro, and his Mother, Alejandra, were models that have been featured on multiple TV shows, movies, music videos, and songs. They met in New York City and got married 2 years later. López's ancestry mainly consists of Latin origin – Spaniard, Italian, French, and Romanian, but also includes Arab, Berber, Hellenic, Iranic, and Turkic. The tribes which López descends from includes Latini, Daci, Celtici, and Guanchis, amongst others. Due to his ancestry, López may claim African-American, Asian-American, or European-American. López uses the term Afro-Eurasian to better define his region of origin. López is passionate about Anthropology and Religious studies. López cites Giuseppe Sergi, Carleton S. Coon, Charles G. Seligman, and John H. Speke as his influences. On his free time, López is a Rap and Reggae artist. López's music reflects his beliefs and thoughts, but also focuses on controversial issues such as class warfare, government, religion, and race. López cites 2Pac, Rakim, Mos Def, Eminem, K'naan, Kid Cudi, and Damian Marley as his influences.

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