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Not to be confused with the Dreamcast 2 project, or the Sega game Spartan: Total Warrior

The pictured prototype model of the Spartan Console with its controller
DeveloperSpartan Console Team
Product familySega
TypeHome video game console
GenerationEighth generation
LifespanAnnounced October 4th, 2017
MediaBlu-ray, DVD, CD, Digital Distribution
Operating systemSpartanOS
Memory16GB DDR4
Storage1TB HDD, USB expansion
DisplayUp to 4K
Graphics4GB GeForce GTX
InputHDMI, DisplayPort
Controller inputSpartan Console Controller
ConnectivityEthernet, 4x USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Type-C, Thunderbolt
Game Gear, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System (via software emulation)
WebsiteSpartan Console


Spartan ConsoleEdit

"Spartan" is a proposed current generation Sega console developed, designed, and built by a team based in Cape Town simply known as "Spartan Console" and is aimed to be acquired by Sega to manufacture, develop, and distribute. Announced on October 4, 2017, the Spartan is said to have 16 Gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, a 4 Gigabyte GeForce GTX Graphics Processing Unit and a 1 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive for internal storage according to their official website. Along with backwards compatibility for many previous Sega consoles, such as the Dreamcast, Saturn, and Genesis/Mega Drive, the Spartan Console also has a custom open sourced Linux based operating system with sharing options for screenshots and streaming, and a planned online community network. Spartan Console, if ever publicly released, would compete with Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony's PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. It could quite possibly also compete with the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Spartan Console is often seen as fake due to the fact that Sega had stated that they will not be producing any more home gaming consoles since they discontinued the Dreamcast in 2001, and some news updates posted by Spartan Console have some spelling and grammatical errors, even some updates taking months to come out. The very first news post says that "On a bimonthly basis we’ll bring you news on the hardware and software that’s running on the Spartan".[1] Saying "bimonthly" made many spectators to doubt. Some Youtubers also complain how the pictures are not "good quality", despite that digital picture quality can be "bad" if the camera is either faulty, or old. Spartan Console has also posted pictures of their built prototype model, their custom made gaming controller, and 3D renderings of the finished console which people easily claim to be photoshopped or false. Spartan Console has released a video showcasing the Alpha version of SpartanOS, which shows its menu layout, playing time, recently played games, and its backwards compatibility for Sega consoles; like the Sega Saturn games: Sonic R, Mega Man X4, and Panzer Dragoon. As well as the Mega Drive hit, Bare Knuckle, the Japanese branding of Streets of Rage.[2]


Spartan Console was introduced in October of 2017 as a current-generation gaming console that would be pitched to Sega to manufacture and distribute. The Spartan Console team has says that they do not affiliate with the Dreamcast 2 project, and the console does not have any recognition from Sega. The team also claims, they are developing a open world Sonic the Hedgehog title called "Sonic 4K" which they say is a temporary title, to showcase the power of the console to Sega. The head of the team wants to present their console when the prototype is ready to give to Sega so they can consider manufacturing the console. As of March, 2018, the Spartan developers posted on their website that their office is in Cape Town, and explained that their home is dealing with mass civil unrest, and the team needs to be relocated, therefore slowing down further progress of Spartan Console development and news updates. By April, they posted on Twitter that they are moving to the United Kingdom.

In 2015, an online petition on the petitioning website,, was created in Bulgaria to support "Dreamcast 2", also known as "Project Dream", a Sega fan project to bring Sega back into the console market, which began the year prior. A trailer was released featuring a CG model of the console and the controller―which is just an altered wireless Xbox 360 controller with different colors―as well as an optical disc featuring an awaited Shenmue III.[3] According to Jason Schreier, from the news website, Kotaku, "Well, there’s a fan campaign, run by a group of Sega devotees who launched a petition earlier this year in hopes of convincing the Japanese publisher to release an HD supporting limited edition of the Dreamcast. The campaign, organized by a handful of people including Sega fans Ben Plato and Patrick Lawson, has a Facebook group called “Dreamcast Revival” with 882 members".[4] The goal of the online petition was to gain 35,000 online signatures to promote Dreamcast 2. The masses, however, took it as a joke, and a majority of the audience showed very little support. On April 23, 2017, the petition closed, with only 33,821 signatures collected.[5]

Months after, Spartan Console had announced their project. The developers have no connections with Project Dream, nor do they discourse with But, when the people behind the Dreamcast 2 petition learned about the Spartan Console project, the petitioning organization edited the Project Dream petition to promote the Spartan console with the same goal. This, however, was all done without the Spartan team knowing about it. The petition is another reason as to why some believe that Spartan Console will not be approved of by Sega or succeed in any market in; likely due to the failure of the petition for Project Dream. In early February of 2018, the number of signatures necessary had risen from 35,000 to 50,000. Then, just a few days later, rose again to 75,000 signatures. This made some Spartan supporters frustrated, but they still kept pushing for it. And, even then, the creators are working hard on accomplishing their goal.

Come June 2, 2018, Spartan Console posted on Facebook "We're not dead. We're working to get a 4K console". Which signifies that the developers are still at large, but keeping silent until work can continue in progress as soon as they make it to the UK. On August 14, 2018, a message was posted on the petition. The message states "After lengthy negotiations with Sega Japan and long meetings, we can confirm that we are co-working on something very special. Did I say special? You got it."[6] At the same time, the petition had also closed. Out of the new goal of 75,000 signatures, the online petition made it to 57,354 people who signed. From there, supporters suspected that it is possible that the Spartan developers are in connection with Sega. Five days later, Spartan console posted on Twitter a reminder saying "2 days left until Shenmue I&II comes out on Steam".[7]

As of now, Spartan Console is doing all they can to keep the project going. When 2019 came around, some supporters started getting weary of the developers, and the team had almost lost that support. However, one fan received a message why no updates were made, saying: "It's been very long but we are unable to say much right now on progress. Progress has been made but details need to remain under wraps for a little while. A post and mailer will be going out to let people know we're not dead."

After a full year and approximately two months since the Shemue post on Twitter, Spartan Console posted on Messenger, “It’s been very long but we are unable to say much right now on progress. Progress has been made but details need to remain under wraps for a little while. A post and mailer will be going out to let people know we’re not dead.” This message was recieved by a a fellow supporter who later posted it on the website on the 6-button controller news page, on August 1, 2019. It is unclear what type of progress was made, but the team will remain silent once again.



The overall design of the prototype console is a black matte plastic, with 2 USB ports in the front and a neon red glowing light in the front and along the top. The color of the neon light is interchangeable in the settings. In the sides are the heat vents, and in the back are the power, Ethernet, and display outputs similar to a home computer. On the front, there is an engraving of the Spartan console logo, being the hexagon in the shape of a Spartan helmet.


Spartan is said to be powered by an Intel Core CPU, and a 4GB GeForce GTX GPU. It is unknown if the console has any kind of APU, custom, or semi-custom processors like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


The Spartan Console controller is custom built with a black matte cover, and Spartan Console have said in a news post "Because of this finish, you can still fortunately hold on to the controller even if your hands are sweaty as hell" .

Pictured to the side is a redesigned Spartan Console controller with the heavily-requested 6 action buttons, which they posted on their website on April 29, 2018. The controller has 2 analog thumb sticks, a D-pad, 6 action buttons similar to the Sega Saturn, 2 shoulder buttons, 2 triggers, a "Turbo Button", Start and Select buttons, and a home button. The controller is also said to have Rumble Motors, a 50 hour battery life, and a 7-10 meter range. Spartan Console claims that there will also be white and black finishes, an LED display, and VMU support

Software and ServicesEdit

Spartan Console uses an open sourced, Linux based operating system called "SpartanOS" which has the power to play Spartan games from a disc drive, can use emulators for its backwards compatibility, and can connect to an online network with friends and download games.


Spartan Console has been developing a Sonic the Hedgehog demo title in 4K resolution entitled "Sonic 4K" to show the power of Spartan. The team has also recently been open to indie developers through their website, where developers can submit their game title to run on Spartan. Games developed for Spartan need to be able to run on Linux, namely their custom SpartanOS. It is unknown how many game titles have been developed for the Spartan. This is because the people behind the prototype had been having trouble in Cape Town, in working, then on moving to the UK.

Backwards compatibilityEdit

One of the Spartan's core features is its ability to play games developed for previous Sega consoles going as far back as the Master System through software emulation. Spartan Console claims that the Spartan can play games from the Game Gear, Master System, and all up to the Dreamcast from digital download.


The Spartan developing team does not have an official name. Rather, they are simply known as "Spartan Console team". Spartan Console is a proposal, its currently a prototype model and not fully developed and built, and will not be publicly released until more details are shown about deals with Sega.

A person who addresses his/herself under the alias "Sega Renaissance"[8] and claims to be the "leader, and owner" of a cult Sega fan website called Sega United works with full effort to promote an uprising to the video game industry. The name of this person is unknown, nor are there any photographs or accessable identification of the man upstairs. Their plan is on the "About" page of their website and is not explained very well, but the main goal is: to boycott Gamestop, stop DLC, abolish season passes, falsely claiming that retailers and companies encompass nepotism in their employment, biasedly putting blame on "a Japanese corporate media mogul" for all problems that exist in the video game community today, and eliminate current employees of the ESA for false allegations of DRM abuse and being lobbyist-only. All of this is to return the video game industry to life as it was, before 2000. This is especially prominent as the About page shows anti-Sony and anti-Fils-Aimé text.[9][10] A "launch tailer" was posted on Youtube, with all of the information said; with no photographs, no showing the creators, no voice recordings, and not revealing the leader—just music, visual effects, and text. These plans are to appeal to "Sonic fans, Sega fans and 'TRUE Nintendo fans'".

The leader also puts effort in to push a separate closed-door project, "Operation Razor", by a just as biased Virginian Sega fan, Tim Meyer[11], mostly known under the alias, "Shusei", who works in his one-man company, Aletheia Games. Said Meyer once to interviewer Robin Ek, "Aletheia Games does not work with nor do we support outside groups that wish to make their own sites and comments".[12] This is not true seeing as how he had necogiated with the head of Sega United to push Operation Razor. Shusei commented in interview with Pawl Schwartz that "our goal is a multi-generational console. One that will last for a thousand years".[13] Shusei was also a gamer who was dissatisfied with Sega's exit in the console market, but in the same interview, at the end, he stated that he will "show them how it's done", when he gave commentary about the Project Dream scandal.

In the process above, "Sega Renaissance" mocks and insults the Spartan Console developers; saying that they work for the Project Dream people. Even though, this is far from correct. As well as saying that their console is "fake", "ill-conceived", "a con job", "shady", "a lost cause", and "will never work". This is done by trolling relevant videos on Youtube and posting hurtful comments about the project and the team. Most of the time, the unknown being will attempt to force people to change their minds by saying "Follow Aletheia Games' Razor console instead", and insert the link to a petitioning website, where Razor has it's own petition. Often at times, will also mention that "Razor will have TWO Alpha builds", irrelevantly in attempt for forced skepticism, putting vocal quantity over performance quality. Despite all of this cyberbullying, this mysterious figure is a hypocrite. Bad-mouthing the Spartan Console's "promotions" on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, posting news updates that take long, and such―when the truth is that Aletheia Games and Sega United has the exact same process. The only differences are that while Spartan console releases photographs and CG concepts of their prototype console and controller on their open-sourced website over time; Aletheia Games has only released colored sketches of the console, memory card, remote control, and more on Twitter[14], and published a generic trailer with a CG concept of the console on their own website. Operation Razor's website does not function, as of Q4 2018.

A lot of the insults and harassment on Youtube from "Sega United" are not just to the Spartan developers, but also to people who support them, or share Sega history on how they perceive it. Whether they are right, or looking from a different perspective, "Sega Renaissance" will have no problem posting a lengthy comment to said commenters about how wrong they are, even though, it is very biased information. Most notoriously, the history of the 32X, and how Sega left the home console market. Often doing so by calling them oblivious to Sega history or "not real Sega fans"; it not only makes this leader of a fan site seem more of a bully, but also adds up to the being's ignorance and arrogance; even as to claim that "corporations will never accept a project from fans", considering that "Aletheia Games" and "Operation Razor" are also fan projects. Said individual also has the unspoken idea that having an expanded vocabulary makes the more trustworthy person, but this is not always true. They also brag that the Spartan developers have bad English, yet their website is riddled more broken English than that on the Spartan Console website, including missing spaces in between commas and following words, unnecessarily capitalized words, and overall bad punctuation. As of late Q2-early Q3, the Sega United website link in Google searchbars remains, but has been ousted from the internet.

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