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I'm a Wikipedia user living in Turku, Finland. I mostly speak Finnish, mostly write English and Swedish is my native language.

I seldom contribute with content. Instead I organize information by categorizing, archiving, linking, listing, stub tagging and by making templates. I use AWB tool to help me do the organizations. Sometimes I do copy-edting to keep the content more organized. I believe by organizing information users are able to find correct information more easily. Lately I have also start to do defend violations of Wikipedia policies.

Sofar I have received two barnstars during my time at Wikipedia:

  • The Working Wikipedian's Barnstar
  • The Minor Barnstar

In real life I run an own company within information technology sector. I do a little sports also, mostly MTB, Orienteering and Mountain bike orienteering. Wikipedia is for me a hobby to do a little fixing here and there. It is same a type of relaxation doing administrative work to compensate the business thinking I have to do daily at work.