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About myselfEdit

I work as a business analyst, but privately I'm interested in so-called humanities, such as philosophy, history, linguistics, sociology, religion, politics, cuisine, etc., and this are the areas where I try to contribute to Wikipedia, mostly in Poland-related areas. I also maintain the Poland Portal and try to answer questions about Poland and Central Europe at the Humanities and Language reference desks. — Kpalion(talk)

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  • ... that the Polish street food known as zapiekanka has been described both as "Polish pizza" and "a poor relative of its distant Italian cousin"?
  • ... that common hogweed was originally the main ingredient of borscht?
  • ... that Compendium ferculorum by Stanisław Czerniecki is the first cookbook written originally in Polish?
  • ... that in 2013, Poland became the world's largest producer of mead made according to traditional methods (example pictured)?
  • ... that Compendium ferculorum ("A Collection of Dishes"), the oldest cookbook in Polish, inspired the description of a traditional banquet in the Polish national epic?