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This page is about the Wikipedia user. For the Klingon, see Korath at Memory Alpha. For the Kree, see Korath the Pursuer. The Korath star system is also featured in Commander Keen.
Not to be confused with Shu-Korath, Gorath, or Koreth.

Korath (October 21, 2003–) is an utterly non-notable Wikipedian. Despite his deceptively high edit count, he has yet to make a significant contribution to an actual article.


Blaming this shortcoming on a lack of anything useful to say, he instead spends his time fixing typos, copyediting, monitoring Articles for Deletion for advertisements and vanity articles such as this one, and, rarely, patrolling Recent Changes. In the past, he was active copyediting and properly formatting Current events, but has mostly given this up as a lost cause.

Korath was first attracted to Wikipedia because typographical errors and poor grammar make his blood pressure soar. Misuse of the comma and apostrophe—in particular, confusion between its and it's—especially annoys him. The ability to correct these is a great relief, and typo fixes still form the bulk of his main namespace edits. However, like most people, he has a blind spot for his own spelling, and welcomes typographical corrections even to his signed comments.


Korath's user page has been stealth-vandalized once [1], page move vandalized once [2], vandalized five times [3] [4] [5] [6] [7], and blanked once [8]. His talk page has been spammed once [9] and double-redirected to Autofellatio.jpg once [10]. The image formerly gracing this page, No-Troll.png, was mistakenly deleted after having been used to deface its source image [11].

Link [3] is far and away his favorite.

In real lifeEdit

Korath insists that he was using the pseudonym for nearly a decade before Star Trek stole it. Furthermore, he greatly prefers Babylon 5.

Besides copyediting and talking about himself in the third person, Korath also enjoys his privacy. The lack of gratuitous u's in his spelling forces him to confess to being American. He only admits that he is male because singular they is an abomination.[1]

Korath is currently employed by a (rightfully redlinked) collectible card game startup. If he's editing Wikipedia, please assume that he is slacking, sick, or not sleeping.[2] If he's editing CCG articles on Wikipedia, please assume that he needs to be hit with a large fish.


Extensive non-wiki experience makes it very difficult for Korath to assume good faith. He is actively attempting to improve, though he often regrets that he cannot point people to a search through f***inggoogleit.com without it being construed as a personal attack.

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  1. ^ Neologisms such as sie and hir are unacceptable; repetitive constructions such as s/he, he/she, and he or she are awkward; and most people, including himself, are too lazy to circumlocute the issue properly. Sapir-Whorf not withstanding, he maintains that the only correct pronoun for a person of unknown gender in English is he.
  2. ^ All three as of this writing.

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