Hello. This page contains decreasing amounts of information over time, as I consider myself, as a Wikipedian, rather less important than my edits. But I get curious about other editors, so it'd be hypocritical to say nothing at all.


Here are a few bits of suggested reading for everybody working on any collaborative online project, but especially this one...


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  The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
Superb and constant edits to the Brighton pages
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enANYThis user is pro-choice for different types of English and is against the Americanization of Wikipedia.

Just to further explain my use of this box up there in the babel list. If creating a British topic, I use British English; I respect U.S. topics by using U.S. English there (and indeed Canadian topics by using Canadian English; hence my avoiding the term "American English"...). This is in-keeping with current guidelines, presuming they've not been messed around with again recently. Although I disagree strongly with recommendations that the choice should be predicated on the initial editor; it should be dictated by the locale of the topic. I will be very grateful to other editors who also respect the guidelines, employ common sense, and refrain from "fixing" the variant of English without valid reason.