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Other things
Free software logosThis user uses free software wherever and whenever possible.
PD-icon.svgThis user believes copyright laws are harmful and that RE, sharing and modifying are inalienable rights.
FirefoxThis user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Kerala Legislative Assembly, Thiruvananthapuram.jpgThis user lives in, the evergreen city of Thiruvananthapuram.
D:<Nothing annoys this user more than when a teacher says that Wikipedia isn't reliable and that anybody can enter anything completely untrue that'll stay.
Win-like-userbox.svgThis user thinks that Microsoft Windows XP is still a decent operating system, and holds the day when Microsoft will make it Open Source in wishful thinking.
Languages I know
UKThis user uses British English.
ta-1இந்தப் பயனாளர் தமிழில் அடிப்படையான அளவில் பங்களித்து உதவமுடியும்.
Java-2This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
cat-1Mew mew meow hissss mew rrrr meow.
sar-0This user cannot speak sarcasm nor can they easily pick up on it. Therefore, this user will think you're serious every second you're being sarcastic.