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Other things
Free software logosThis user uses free software wherever and whenever possible.
PD-icon.svgThis user believes copyright laws are harmful and that RE, sharing and modifying are inalienable rights.
FirefoxThis user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
TVPMThis user lives in, the evergreen city of Thiruvananthapuram.
D:<Nothing annoys this user more than when a teacher says that Wikipedia isn't reliable and that anybody can enter anything completely untrue that'll stay.
Win-like-userbox.svgThis user thinks that Microsoft Windows XP is still a decent operating system, and holds the day when Microsoft will make it Open Source in wishful thinking.
Languages I know
UKThis user uses British English.
ta-1இந்தப் பயனாளர் தமிழில் அடிப்படையான அளவில் பங்களித்து உதவமுடியும்.
Java-2This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
cat-1Mew mew meow hissss mew rrrr meow.
sar-0This user cannot speak sarcasm nor can they easily pick up on it. Therefore, this user will think you're serious every second you're being sarcastic.