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Jonipoon is a Wikipedian from Sweden, currently living in Shanghai, China. Starting his career at the Swedish Wikipedia in 2006, he was one of the main driving forces behind the creation and improvement of many articles about videogames, amusement parks and techno music. In 2007 he received a price for his writing on the Swedish-language article about roller coasters, which won the title as "Best Extension of Existing Article". He was also one of the project founders behind the Swedish Project Japan.

In recent years, Jonipoon has moved on to focus entirely on adding content for the English Wikipedia. His main interest lies within the improvement of the aesthetic composition between text and images in articles. Jonipoon's motto is that "Without good images, people won't read articles". He has created numerous photo montages for cities at Wikimedia Commons, including the current ones for Stockholm, Gothenburg, Cologne, Chongqing, Qingdao, Xiamen, Kampala and Galveston.


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"I see Wikipedia as the ultimate source for information. Not only from the articles themselves, but from the external links and references they bring me to. Whenever there's something I want to know more about, I always check Wikipedia first. If there is something I can't find, I'm doing my best to add it. The process of adding new and reliable content on Wikipedia is a gift that only a few can master, and I look up to everyone that constantly helps to improve this free encyclopedia."

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"Wikipedia is supposed to be written from a world-wide neutral point of view. When it comes to neutralism, we're doing a pretty good job. But unfortunately we still have a long way to go before we can call ourselves "world-wide neutral". Large aspects of the English Wikipedia are still written from a very western point of view, and since I've lived many years in Asia I often encounter problems when I add content that seem to contradict with this point of view. As the global world grows, people from all over the world become more connected as a whole and therefore we can't write stuff as if we were all sitting in the oval office, looking out over the world as we see it. In the upcoming decade China will be the world's largest superpower, and they will influence the world more than most agree to admit. For instance, we can't call a Chinese female rock band for feminists since feminism is a western classification. So we'd better start pretty soon with the needed updates."

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