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About me

"Be a good editor. The Universe needs more good editors, God knows."
– Kurt Vonnegut, Form of Fiction term paper assignment, November 30, 1965. In Kurt Vonnegut: Letters

I mostly fix technical errors and sometimes do some copy editing.

If you're ever wondering whether I will feel bad that you're changing an edit of mine, don't worry. I don't take anything that happens on Wikipedia personally. I have much bigger fish to fry. Or, as Merlin Mann says: "Sorry. I don't argue on the internet."

I am a member and Coordinator of the Guild of Copy Editors and participate in their monthly editing drives and blitzes.

I can't believe that searching for Wookieelink in Wikipedia shows zero results.

I eliminated most of the errors from the 8,000+ articles that made their way into Category:Pages with citations having wikilinks embedded in URL titles since it was created in April 2013. (Done in September 2013.) I have since made many thousands of similar gnome edits, with a focus on citations and broken syntax.

Useful links and tools that I always forget how to use.

Articles I have created


The first article I created was the List of mayors of Eugene, Oregon, because Bob Welch had remarked in a column that it didn't exist. I later created Lucy Vinis and Steve Callaway as stubs.

I also created an article for the Indigo Girls' album called Rarities.

I created Nike OTC Marathon, the predecessor to the current Eugene Marathon. Creation of Jeff Wells was driven by that article.

I created {{GOCE award}} to save a few hours per month of work for coordinators at the Guild of Copy Editors.

I created Natalie Fryde on my way to a complete copy-edit of Magna Carta in time for its 800th anniversary.

I created The Orphans of Nkandla from a redlink in The Signpost.

I created The Casket Factory just because it was notable and missing. I have no idea what it sounds like.

I created President's Malaria Initiative and Jeffrey Lesser (producer) and Nell Jackson and Pat Hawkins (athlete) and Karen Hawkins (athlete) for the same reason. I don't know what they sound like either.

I created Virgil Abloh because Juliet Litman was shocked to find that he didn't have an article yet.

I created Jackie Taylor (politician) after a query at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Oregon led me to do a bit of research.

On my list to create: Dover Stone Church; Leaburg Hydroelectric Project Historic District; improve Sacrario militare di Pocol, Doug Kurtis.