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Not much of interest about me. I started this page as one outcome of having volunteered for the Science & Maths RFC list. Normally I don't have anything to say about myself that is likely to be of interest to anyone else, but as it happens I write this edit after having just seen the circular on paid editing etc, so I might as well make this the occasion for the appropriate disclaimer.

In the years that I have contributed to wikis of any sort, up to the time of writing this, I have been retired and I never have accepted nor been offered any inducements, proper, improper or arguable, direct or indirect, for editing or authoring any articles or other materials such as photographs or copies. Nor have I committed any acts of plagiarism etc. In short what a good little boy have I been. I have neither knowledge of nor influence in my retirement investments in a large, dedicated company retirement scheme, nor any interest beyond a pious hope that it continues sound. Certainly nothing that I have done or been asked to do in such connections has a blind bit to do with any of my wiki work. I'll repeat this disclaimer wherever it occurs to me that it might be appropriate, but it had never occurred to me before that it might be of interest to man or beast, so this is the first time of saying.