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About MeEdit

I am a graduate student at Wayne State University studying Library Science and Information management. While my focus is on data analysis and visualization, I have a soft spot for open source resources, including Wikipedia.

I also work for Wayne State as a Graduate Student Assistant in their Library Tech Department; I assist students and faculty in the School of Information Sciences troubleshoot tech problems, and evaluate and offer suggestions for software needs.

Conflict of Interest StatementEdit

I, Jod1Hannah, am a student and employee of Wayne State University School of Information Sciences. I will not make any edits that would not be beneficial to the goals of Wikipedia.

I'm just beginning my editing, but I'm interested in everything, so I imagine I will edit across multiple different topics. Some of the links I share may be resources from the Universities library.

I will modify my editing behavior based on problems cited by other editors or if my editing conflicts with other Wikipedia guidelines. I ask that other editors do not hesitate to contact me, via my user talk page, if I appear to be going against this declaration.

--Jod1Hannah (talk) 03:03, 25 September 2017 (UTC)