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Jim Carter

Joined 11 February 2014
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My editing history

Hi, I'm Jim. Not to be confused with former president of the US, Jimmy Carter or actor Jim Carter. I'm just an ordinary person who is not yet notable enough to have his own article. However, when I joined Wikipedia back in 2012 (with my old account Rudra john cena), I thought Wikipedia is like any other social networking site where you can write anything including, creating your profile. Unaware of WP:GNG, WP:COI, WP:NOTBLOG, WP:RS or any other policies, I created an article about myself which was promptly deleted and later (on request) restored to user subpage by Anna Frodesiak. Here I must say, Anna was incredibly kind towards me, if I were in her place, I wouldn't have restored that blatantly promotional and never-gonna-be notable biography. Although she pointed me to the policies, I was too enthusiast and ignored most of the advices. I was eager to know how Wikipedia works but taken the wrong way of learning how things work.

After creating a promotional user page, I moved on to other works. I started creating some stub type articles on English short stories and poems. Again, unaware of WP:COPYRIGHT and WP:MOS, my initial articles were deleted for violating copyright. I got attention from multiple editors including Stfg and VQuakr. They advised me on how to write articles and how to cite sources. But I continued overlooking those friendly advices, although, I recreated the pages which were deleted by fixing the copyright problem. The other things like formatting, copyediting and adding sources were done by them only. After getting multiple warnings for creating bad articles, I shifted to other works, now started patrolling new pages. As they say, "little knowledge is a dangerous thing", with only 500 edits and almost no knowledge of deletion policies, I started tagging articles inappropriately. Even tagged some valid articles with CSD. Now, this mess increased the traffic to my talk page. Admins like Kudpung and Admrboltz came to advice and warn me to stop patrolling pages. Amiable Anna Frodesiak, is still trying to help me although she supports Kudpung and others. Meanwhile, I made a massive change to my userpage and written at the top of the page, "I'm a professional admin on Wikipedia". Which attracted even more attention from experienced users including my Wiki best friend, MelanieN, who along with other users supported the removal of some controversial contents from my userpage. I didn't knew that WP:USERPAGE allows any editor to remove inappropriate materials from ones userpage, I snapped at Melanie for removing contents from my user page, but she was calm and was still trying to help. Now, I slowly started to learn how 'pedia works. I started creating articles better than the initial ones.

Although I was learning, I was still making errors. Out of frustration, I declared "retirement", but as I noted earlier, I was enthusiast; just after two days of retirement, I found myself logging back to my account. As I logged in, I started creating another article but in WP:AFC. However, the article was declined there. Again frustrated, I created another account, unaware of WP:Sock puppetry, to use it for good-hand bad-hand editing purpose. Then somehow, Anna, caught me, but she was so kind, she haven't gone directly to WP:SPI but asked me on my talk page. Confused me, refused it totally and said "brother did it" at first but later accepted that both the accounts are mine, she felt disgusted for my lies and blocked one account (Rudra john cena) but given me a last chance and left the new account (Jim Carter) for WP:Clean start.

Meanwhile, VQuakr, gone ahead and filed a SPI case against me. He doubted that I maybe using another undisclosed account, which was proved wrong after the SPI. However, I was mistakely blocked by Rschen7754; Which he lifted off in few hours.

After this shaky start, I kept on editing (from Jim Carter account) with consistency and started improving. Thanks to some of my WikiFriends who mentored me including Melanie, Stfg, Phil and some others, I'm now an experienced (you may call me) editor with over 11,000 edits and an Arbitration Commitee clerk, as of July 2015. I learned mostly from the mistakes I made, however, this is not a way of learning I recommend anyone to follow. There are many good people around, if they try to help you or advices you, listen to them. Don't do the mistakes I have made.

At presentEdit

This account was registered around 17 months ago, however, I originally joined Wikipedia 3 years ago. I seriously started editing only after creating this account, though. At present beside this account, I access Wikipedia using two other accounts, Jim Carter - Public and Jimmy the Bot, one for public cyber and the other is a bot account. On Wikipedia, I have worked on various areas including, starting a bot (Not approved yet), scripts, templates, helping newbies at different venues, patrolling new pages, patrolling recent changes for fighting vandalism, adopting new users, responding to queries at noticeboards (mainly WT:INB), participating in AFDs, closing AFDs, gnomic works (fixing dabs, adding tags using semi-automated tools etc.), doing Arbitration clerk related works, participating and nominating eligible pictures at WP:FP/C and most importantly content writing. I don't have a huge list of articles to my credit but some of the articles I'm proud of: Abhishek Bachchan filmography, I've not created it but played a significant role in making it a Featured list. Charles DeWitt Watts and Letitia Woods Brown are the two articles I've created which are Good articles. I've also created an article, 2015 Maiduguri suicide bombing, which was featured in the WP:ITN section of the main page. Other than this, I've a B-class article, Early Nationalists and many DYKs.


As of July 2015, I've a total of 11,115 edits (including deleted) (9,160 from this account and 1,955 from Jim Carter - Public). I occasionally participate in AFDs (91 AFD pages I edited from this account and 179 AFD pages edited from alt account). Beside participating, I've a pretty long list of AFDs I've closed, you can see them here. I've also closed a few RfCs but I haven't kept a record of them. My CSD logs are here and here.

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