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About meEdit

Hi, I'm Jack (not my real name), I am a retired academic and educationist and I live in the UK. My late father was Greek Cypriot and my mother is English. I feel as if I have been waiting for Wikipedia all my life; ever since I was a boy I have been collecting snippets of information, as well as books, pamphlets, documents and letters, photographs and postcards of people and historic events, etc.

My degrees are in Theology (BD and MTh) and were awarded by the University of Wales. I am a Fellow of the Farmington Institute for Christian Studies, Oxford, a Fellow of the College of Preceptors, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Dickens Fellowship and the British Museum Society. For 5 years I was Churchwarden of Church of St. Mary the Virgin, my local church in Baldock, and for a period was a ministerial candidate. I was a member of the Society for Psychical Research for ten years, was the founding Chairman of the Crimean War Research Society, a position I held for twelve years, a Friend of the National Army Museum and a member of the Orders and Medals Research Society and The Ecclesiological Society.

I am married with three adult children, Alexander Timothy Glenn, Darren Mark Glenn and Charlotte Victoria Louise, and with a grandson, Miles Mark Glenn, born on September 11 2008, a granddaughter, Mollie Blossom, born on April 9 2011, and two new grandsons: Zachary Alexander James, born on November 8 2016 and Reuben Christopher, born on 2 June 2017. Among other things I am an enthusiastic amateur historian, having an interest in History, Military History, the Victorian era, including the operas of Gilbert and Sullivan, Church History, archaeology and Biblical Archaeology. I am also a huge fan of the life and works of Charles Dickens, and collect Dickensiana and early editions of his works. In 2012 I was invited to Westminster Abbey to take part in the official Dickens 2012 commemorative service. I have also researched the more interesting members of the Dickens Family, some of whom I have written articles about here. I have appeared on a couple of UK tv programmes, including Collectors' Lot, Going, Going, Gone and Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International.

Over the years I've met and worked with some interesting individuals who are notable by Wikipedia's standards, so I have written articles about them. Quite a few of the people below I have met or known personally. I've even been kissed by one of them...but I'll leave you to figure out which one it was!


Biographical articles I startedEdit

Actors and EntertainersEdit

Rebecca de Pont Davies

Paul Lavers

Érin Geraghty

Kaplan Kaye

Peter Benson

Helen Anker

Claire Slater

Christopher Reynalds

Peter Tilbury

Aneirin Hughes

John Edmunds

Wynne Evans

Martin Wimbush

Roger Martin

Susie Silvey

Ruth Posner

Michael Napier Brown

Nicholas Bond-Owen

Kelly Hunter

Bob Goody

Kristian Lavercombe

David Nehls

Stuart Matthew Price

Kraig Thornber

Robert Longden

Edward Compton

Virginia Frances Bateman

Josephine Brandell

Clarence Blakiston

Horace Mills

Leedham Bantock

Joseph W. Herbert

Nigel Neilson

Clémentine de Vère

Leon Cortez

Nellie Navette

Georges Jacobi

Emma Palladino

Pascale de Boysson

Pauline Leroux

Gloria Greer

Harriet Vernon

Alphonsia Emmanuel

Roy Rolland

Norman "Dinky" Diamond

Laura Hartong

Avon Saxon

Frederick Peisley

Alan Parnaby

Matilda Thorpe

Kirsten Hughes

John Barrard

Michael Latimer

Felix Felton

Julie Alexander

Rosemary Frankau

Sarah Thorne

Rose Beaudet

Louis Calvert

Lydia Bilbrook

Winifred Emery

Paula Jacobs

Rachel Herbert

Harry Freeman

Tom Shale

Robert Keeley

Christine McKenna

Bransby Williams

Irving Family

Elizabeth Irving

Edith Craig

Mabel Terry-Lewis

Ken Bones

Aisling Loftus

Colin Hurley

Julian Curry

Bob Bingham

Kurt Yaghjian

Norman Lumsden

Alexander Gauge

Gertrude Kingston

James Bradshaw

Robert East (actor)

Laura Harling

J. C. Buckstone

Marie Dainton

Leon Belasco

Mary Webster

John Boswall

Betty Warren

Peggy Pryde

Simone Lovell

Monte Saldo

Montague Brothers

Kate Everleigh

Thomas Manders

Rebecca Isaacs

Pamela Manson

Pat Nye

James Ottaway

Pip Donaghy

Violet Englefield

Mrs Howard Paul

Violet Melnotte

Raf De La Torre

Len Birman

David Nunn

John Warner

Anita Graham

Frank Mullings

Robert Taber

Arthur Playfair

Audrey Atterbury

Frederick Federici

Ian Dickens

George Sweeney

Kim Ismay

Lindsey Stagg

Gwendolyn Watts

Donald Kinsey

Ellie Kendrick

Barnaby Kay

Richard Corney Grain

Johann Michael Wächter

Georg Unger

Peter Madden

Davy Kaye

Henry Howard Paul

Joe Elvin

Jack Lotto

Grazyna Monvid

Amanda Noar

Ian Mercer

Hywel Williams-Ellis

Alan Dobie

Kitty McShane

Jill Curzon

Walter Sparrow

Edmund Willard

Yvonne Antrobus

Marie Ney

Lawrence Grossmith

Alexander Doré

Lockwood West

Philip Bond (actor)

Craig Parkinson

Emily Richard

Henry Baynton

Evelyn Millard

Frank Gillmore

Ruth Gillmore

Alfred Wigan

Mary Stockley

Bessie Bellwood

Jenny Hill

Gwen Nelson

William Bankier

Frank Saldo

Max Sick

Eric Maxon

Coralie Blythe

Robert Soutar

Farren Soutar

Eric Maturin

Nan Braunton

Jeremy Brudenell

Lil Hawthorne

Cyril Appleton

Samuel Johnson (comedian)

William Wadsworth

Dorinda Stevens

Antonina Hoffmann

W H Payne

Betty Knox

Charlotte Attenborough

Winifred Barnes

Austen Hurgon

Walter Hyde

Caroline Hatchard

George Arthurs

Strafford Moss

Academics & ProfessionalsEdit


Historical biographiesEdit


Dickens Family articles I startedEdit

Christodoulou surname articles I startedEdit

Aristocracy related articles I startedEdit

Biographies on Christians I startedEdit

Jack the Ripper related articles I startedEdit

Gilbert and Sullivan related articles I startedEdit

Max Beerbohm related articles I startedEdit

Numismatic articles I startedEdit

Dead Sea Scrolls and other documentsEdit

Aldershot related articles I startedEdit

Articles on Places and Associations I startedEdit

Articles I started on fictional charactersEdit

Biographical articles I have done significant work onEdit

Other articles on which I did significant workEdit

My PicturesEdit