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Task(s)See here
Edit period(s)Irregular
Automatic or manual?Automatic/Semi-automatic
Programming language(s)WP:AWB
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?Just ask
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes


What is the bot approved for?Edit

The bot has approval for the following 5 tasks. A means automated, SA means semi-automated.

  • 1A/SA. Closing all exposed disambiguators in |work=, |journal=, |magazine=, |publisher=.
(journal|magazine|publisher|work)(\s*)=(\s*)\[\[([^\|\n]*) \((journal|magazine|publisher)\)\]\]
  • 2A/SA. Fixing non-correct ways to refer to a publication.
  • Automated fixing will be done with 'sure shot' code.
journal(\s*)=(\s*)Journal of Foobar\.? (case insensitive) → journal$1=$2Journal of Foobar
This would do both capitalization fixing (Journal of foobarJournal of Foobar) and dot removal (Journal of Foobar.Journal of Foobar), and be guaranteed to only touch the |journal= parameter.
  • Semi-automated fixing will be done with 'sloppy' code.
Journal of Foobar\. (case insensitive) → Journal of Foobar
This will also do both capitalization fixing, and dot removal, but would remove the final dot in a sentence like Bob published an article in Journal of Foobar.. This will be used for cases where it'll be quicker to be sloppy and perform a manual review.

What are non-correct ways to refer to a publication?Edit

Listing every type of 'non-correct' journal names would be rather long. But they have 7 common themes:

  • A) Legit typo/misspelling
  • B) Bad dots
J. Phys. A.J. Phys. A
J Phys. AJ. Phys. A
This does not touch undotted abbreviation like J Phys A
  • C) Bad capitalizations
J phys AJ Phys A
Journal of physicsJournal of Physics
  • D) Non-standard pseudo-ISO 4 abbreviation. The ISO 4 list can be found here.
Am J PhysicsAm J Phys
Br J PsychiatrBr J Psychiatry
This does not cover field-standard non-ISO abbreviation like Trans Amer Math Soc. (The ISO 4 abbreviation for this journal is Trans Am Math Soc.)
  • E) Subtitles
Clinical Cancer Research: An official journal of the American Association for Cancer ResearchClinical Cancer Research
This does not cover subtitles like Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • F) Remove multi-language language entries to match the language of the article cited [semi-automated only, Latin alphabet only].
Canadian Journal of Development Studies/Revue canadienne d'études du développement

Canadian Journal of Development Studies or Revue canadienne d'études du développement
This does not touch entries in a journal with an official title in a different language (e.g. an English article published in Naturwissenschaften) even if the translated title (The Science of Nature) later becomes the official title.
  • G) Database 'leftovers'
|journal=Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)|journal=Journal of Immunology

Under the BRFA, the bot only touches |journal= for 2A, but I eventually plan on covering |work= / |magazine= / |publisher= later. Later means "once we get the equivalent compilation to WP:JCW for magazines and publishers". There will be a specific BRFA for those, although I'm pretty sure that would get speedily approved.

The bot screwed up! What should I do?Edit

Although I take great care to ensure that it doesn't screw up, it's possible that I screwed up the logic somewhere, or that there's a corner case it didn't handle correctly.

If the bot screwed up, follow these few simple steps:

  1. Assume good faith
  2. Leave a message on the bot's talk page. This will stop the bot from editing. Your message should include
    1. A diff of the problematic edit.
    2. An explanation of why you think the edit is wrong.
  3. We'll discuss the issue. If the bot was wrong, I'll either update the bot, or find some other way of to prevent the edits in the future.

If the bot affected more than a handful of pages, I would advise against mass-reverting before discussion. If the bot was right, it'll be annoying to have to re-do those edits later. And if the bot was wrong, it'll likely be easier to use the bot to fix the problematic edits.

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