I don't understand what Icelandic men find sooo interesting about this sport called stone-lifting (Steintak), SO BORING!
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Hello, My name is Jökullind Fanndís Bergelmisdóttir, I'm 18 years old and I'm a half-ice-giantess from Iceland. I was found as a child in a deep cleft of the Vatnajökull glacier and nobody can tell me how the hell I got there. I was adopted by Hulda Ásgeirsdóttir and Bjarni Jónsson, who definitely are the greatest parents in the world. No one would have ever had so much patience with a hot-tempered teenager like me. As you may expect from an ice-giantess, my youth was very troublesome, and this is all because of my great frustration: my height. During my adolescence, I underwent several therapies that were aimed at blocking my growth, but to no avail. Although I have no complaints about my looks, it's my 7 feet 7 that often troubles me, not to mention my exaggerated physical strenght, which is perhaps the greatest nuisance of all. Some while ago, I accidentally broke a few of my boyfriend's ribs by simply hugging him. He decided to break up the relationship. It's not easy leading the life of a dual nature woman and the only thing I can do is trying to keep my dictatorial giant-hormones under control, but it's not always that simple.
Recently, I was in the US where I had the honour to meet Sandy Allen, the worlds tallest woman. At last someone I could talk with face to face while standing upright. She a great person, who is gifted with a highly developed sense of humor. Because she can't pronounce my name, she always calls me Jacklyn.

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